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Killing of Jharkhand youth latest in spate of Hindu murders

Killing of Jharkhand youth latest in spate of Hindu murders
Author attribution: Australian Hindu Media
16 year old Hindu youth, Rupesh Pandey, was lynched by a mob of Muslims on 6 February 2022.


Local sources tell us that Rupesh was targeted because he was a Hindu. They say that a group of Muslims accosted him, forcibly took him away and then murdered him.

The version being given by the local police is that the incident happened due to a ‘mutual’ clash between Hindu and Muslim groups, when Hindus were carrying out a Saraswati Puja procession.

Many, including two former Chief Ministers of the State, have been vocal in their criticism of the handling of the investigation by police. Current Jharkhand Chief Minister – Hemant Soren has also been accused of going soft on the culprits.

There have been a spate of recent attacks on Hindus coinciding with the elections in Uttar Pradesh – India’s most populous State. Some suggest that it is an attempt to divert attention away from CM – Yogi Adityanath’s high voltage election campaign.

News has just come in today from Karnataka that Dipak, Navin and Navin’s mother were attacked by radical Islamic mobs after posts against the hijab were made on social media.

Meanwhile, protests have erupted in different parts of India in support of some Karnataka school-girls who are demanding the right to wear burqas to school instead of school uniforms.

In Noida, our sources tell us that two Agniveer volunteers were attacked with swords. Their crime was that they had set their Whatsapp status as – ‘My vote for BJP’.

However, Noida Police posted on social media that there had been a ‘mutual fight’.

It was not that long ago that Kishan Bharvad was killed in Gujrat by Islamic extremists for a social media post that they found offensive.

Veteran Indian political observers say that the period up till 7 March, when the UP elections finish, is particularly crucial. They fear that if State police forces do not maintain law and order, the situation could get out of control. No one has forgotten Direct Action Day in 1947.


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