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Life Standard of Hindu Dalits in Pakistan

Life Standard of Hindu Dalits in Pakistan

It has been long since Hindu Dalits in Pakistan are facing double discrimination wherever they live. This discrimination starts from the place they live which is by upper caste Hindus who creates a disturbance in their lives from entrance to temples. On the other hand majority of Dalit Hindus are facing severe problems wherever they work and their boss are Muslim; agriculture or labor. It is estimated by senior analysts of Dalit community that more 70% of Dalit Hindus relates to agriculture workforce and illiterate. Hindus are the first largest minority in Pakistan; although 85% of this total Hindus population constitutes Dalits in Hinduism which indicates that Dalits plays the role of pillar for Hinduism in Pakistan.

Before the decade of 80’s in Pakistan the life standard of Dalit Hindus was so vulnerable and they were discriminated at all stages; later on few movements for Dalits were initiated to give them a safe and discrimination free life. Many of the individuals who initiated the movement against this discrimination were given torture and several punishments but they did not leave their mission and continued their efforts for betterment in society.

Those who have raised their voices for ending such discrimination against Dalits includes: Haider Bux Jatoi, fazil Rahu, GM Syed, Sambho Hameerani, Miskeen Jahan Khan Khoso and others. Although their mission of Development of Dalits is still continued by Adv. Rochiram, Dr. Sono Khangharani, Adv. Bhooro Mal Kolhi, Surrendar Velasai, Abdul Wahid Arisar, Ghulam Hiader Laghari, Ramesh Jaipal, Pirbhu Satyani, Malji Meghwar, Ganpat Rai and many more.

Dalits in Pakistan constitute 42 major castes which are being shared in my previous article ‘Dalits in Peril’. All of these castes face lots of problems each day and their life is again getting worst like that of 80’s decade where their honor was disrespected and they were treated like animals. In a recent fact and finding of Pakistan Hindu Seva in collaboration with Global Human Rights Defence where I have personally gone for search of issues with minorities in Pakistan I found every issue which I have never expected. During case studies I found several cases of rape and conversion, rape and forced conversion, bonded labor, land grabbing, forced conversion of minor girls of Hindu community, rape with minor Hindu girls, abduction of young Hindu boys for ransom, beating officials from Hindu community, rape of married Hindu girls for snatching property, caste discrimination and many more.

It is further ashamed that all such incidents do not make any change for the people living in society. At most, these cases are not exhibited in society by media so that victims become more vulnerable and dies every moment each day. In many cases when a victim of such case goes to police; it happily says that nothing will happen, just compromise and leave us.

Such a comment from our law enforcing agencies deteriorates the rights of Dalit community to a high extent. In Pakistan if a girl of Hindu Dalit is raped or even murdered then it makes no change to their own upper caste Hindus but if a girl from upper caste Hindu family is abducted; these upper caste needs sympathy from Dalits which they give because kindness is more important for them than life.

There have been cases in Umerkot district of Sindh province where Hindus specially Dalits are neglected by Judiciary and they are given such decisions which are not legal; judge give such decisions because he receives some gifts by perpetrators behind the scene. It will surely be in your mind that they should try to reach Higher courts or Supreme court in Pakistan but the reality is this they even don’t have money for two times a food a day; the fees of Higher courts and Supreme courts and transportation and other expenses during it are never imagined by them. They sale their livestock and jewelry of their daughters to reach lower courts and it’s the final stage for them to reach for justice where from they come back with disappointment.

The pain of helplessness leads them to suicide which is at high toll to Dalits in district Tharparkar of Sindh province. Most of the people having some budget have sacrificed their relatives and lives and have migrated abroad; to India, Canada, UAE or UK for a better living of their children in future. Most of the Hindus in Sindh also fear for sending their girl children to school due to fear of abduction; in the recent days a Dalit girl named Sapna Rani was abducted from a school at Peshawar who is hardly recovered now with the efforts of members of Coalition for the Rights of Minorities (CRM).

Hundreds of non-governmental national and international organizations are working for the development of minorities in all over Pakistan but due to improper implementation of projects and corruption, the expected outcome is not achieved. It is also important to note that each year many developing programmes are initiated by government but none of these specifically focuses the issues of Dalit Hindus in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan and our law enforcing agencies must understand that Dalits are an asset to Pakistan because these days they are achieving their level best in the field of IT, Development, Politics, Doctoral, Law and business. The situation of Dalits in Sindh is worst due to lack of education which needs proper attention from government so that they become aware of their basic rights.

By Chander Kolhi

(Vice President, Pakistan Hindu Seva)

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