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Video : Australian Hindus rally for Hindu victims of terror.

Video : Australian Hindus rally for Hindu victims of terror.

Australian Hindus Rally for Victims of Terror

Several dozen Australian Hindus gathered today at Melbourne’s Federation Square in support of Hindu victims of terror.

Addressing the event, Australian Hindu Association (‘AHA’) secretary – Bharti Kundal announced that the AHA’s humanitarian wing – the Australian Hindu Humanitarian Fund was transferring A$1,500 into the bank account of Kanhaiya Lal’s wife to assist the deceased’s family.


Kundal told the event that Kanhaiya Lal was stabbed 26 times by Mohammad Riyaz and Mohammad Gaus after they entered his shop pretending to be customers.

Recounting the background to the terror attack, Kundal said:

Kanhaiya’s eight-year-old son shared a social media post from his mobile phone. Kanhaiya’s neighbor – Nazim pressurised him to delete the post; which Kanhaiya did.

‘Meanwhile, Nazim had filed a police complaint against Kanhaiya claiming the post was blasphemous. Kanhaiya was arrested but released after interrogation.

‘Upon his release, Kanhaiya Lal was told by local Islamic extremists that he would be killed by having his throat slit. Kanhaiya then made a complaint to the police about the death threats.

‘In fear, Kanhaiya Lal shut down his tailoring business for a few days. Shortly after deciding to re-open his shop, he was murdered.’

Umesh Kolhe

Kundal revealed that recently another Hindu, an Amravati-based businessman – Umesh Kolhe, had been killed after he forwarded some messages on WhatsApp. Mudasir, Shahrukh, Abdul, Shoaib and Atib have been charged with Kohle’s murder, she stated.


Ishwar Singh Rajput

Meanwhile, Ishwar Singh Rajput, the lone person who tried to defend Kanhaiya is now out of danger after sustaining serious knife injuries.

Terror sympathisers must be identified and shamed

Kundal called for the identification and prosecution of ‘those that encourage, instigate and give tacit support for these acts of terror.’ ‘There must be a continued campaign to identify and shame those organizations, community leaders, members of the judiciary, and others who justify or excuse these heinous crimes,’ she added.

Kundal pledged full support and assistance from the AHA to Hindu victims of terror.

She urged Indian prosecuting authorities to ensure a speedy trial for the accused in the terror cases against Hindus. ‘The least the families of the victims deserve is this finality,’ she said.


The event ended with a ‘shardhanjali’ to the terror victims.

The Australian Hindu Association was joined at the event by other prominent Australian Hindu organisations such as the Hindu Council of Australia, Kashmiri Pandits Australia, and GHARS.

Posters showing names and photos of Hindu and Sikh victims of terror were displayed throughout the event.

Source: https://www.australianhindu.com/post/australian-hindus-rally-for-hindu-victims-of-terror




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