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Video : False propaganda about Sai Baba – Anti Hindu conspiracy ?

Video : False propaganda about Sai Baba – Anti Hindu conspiracy  ?

Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati who has stirred up the recent controversy over Shirdi Sai Baba is also known to be a harsh critic of the BJP, PM Narendra Modi and the Ram temple movement.

Perceived to be close to the Congress party, he created a furore in Varanasi, from where Narendra Modi was fighting an election as BJP’s prime ministerial candidate. He forced the BJP to drop its ‘Har har Modi, ghar ghar Modi’ slogan in the holy town and expressed serious resentment over the ‘politicisation’ of the sacred mantra, ‘Har har Mahadev’.

Swaroopanand also hit out at Modi during the run-up to the last two phases of the Lok Sabha elections, saying “he could not represent Varanasi that is known for its composite secular culture as Modi oversaw a communal conflagration in Gujarat in 2002”. His lastest jibes come at a time when the BJP is newly in power.

RSS leader Indresh Kumar said in Varanasi that the Shankaracharya shouldn’t interfere into the religious affairs of others.“I feel that the saints and seers shouldn’t interfere into the affairs of others concerning gods and goddesses,” Kumar had said.

Manath Gyan Das, former chief of Akhara Parishad, said: “It is a non-issue. We cannot stop people from worshipping a particular spiritual guru. But Swaroopanand is creating unnecessary controversy for strange reasons.

Is The Anti Sai Movement is part of an agenda to split the Hindu community and stall PM Modi ?

All revealed (in Hindi)

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