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What Happened to 6 year old Vijanti Meghwar ? Her Uncle Speaks

What Happened to 6 year old Vijanti Meghwar ? Her Uncle Speaks

Sent to HHR by Phulloo Megwar the Uncle of  Vijanti unfolding the series of events that lead to her tragic ordeal.

“Vijanti,6 year old daughter of poor labourer Munwar Meghwar Meghwar, residing in Ghulam Nabi Shah a small town of district Umerkot , Sindh Pakistan.

On the unfortunate evening of 4th December 2012, she was playing in the street in front of her house. In the meantime a merciless person took her to desolated room and destroyed her childhood by sexually assaulting this innocent girl. He left her in the pool of blood and escaped from the scene.

Later local people found her there and took Vijanti to her home, where her mother and other family members rushed her to district head quarter hospital Umerkot. As a routine, no any doctor was present on the duty. One lady doctor Leela Pardeep was called, as there is not a single gynecologist deployed throughout the district. After hectic efforts by the affected family, this lady doctor examined her and collected her samples. She referred her to civil hospital Mirpurkhas, as according to her she had virginal tear and bleeding.

She was admitted at civil hospital Mirpurkhas with number of complications and is under treatment there till 11 December. But her parent was not satisfied with her treatment, after a lot of cry; she had been referred to liyari hospital, Karachi. MS and gynecologist of civil hospital examined her and that she did not get any treatment even not primary and first aid.

They did her operation and they swaying now she is getting proper treatment, as doctors of Mirpurkhas civil hospital were saying, As parent are not educated, that’s why they could not understand their way of treatment and the language or attitude of the doctors. However She is under treatment there,yet she is psychological depressed,she cannot recognize any person and is crying all the time.

This incident shocked every person whose conscience was alive, therefore number of communities, organizations took out rallies for the justice for the victim 6 year old girl. This put pressure on the area police. On the third day of incident Pithoro police registered a case on the complaint of Bhano Meghwar, the uncle of the victim girl against unknown persons.

It is pertinent to mention here that the desolated room where she was sexually assaulted was owned by Muhamamd Hashim Mangrio, who was brother-in-law of former taluka nazim Pithoro, Haji Umer Mangrio.

Haji Umer Mangrio also hired sniffer dogs, which traced the foot-prints of a person who committed this sexual crime. Surprisingly these dogs pointed out the stay of culprit in the same guest-house owned by Muhammad Hashim Mangrio.

Pressure of protests have kept rising on, the entire civil society of the province felt this sexual crime  issue as its own so they started raising voice for her justice. This pressure compelled the area police to arrest one person namely Rano Mallah. Whose mother kept crying that her son is innocent and police want to save the influential culprit. Police traditionally is not investigating the matter in a right way. As identification parade carried by it was not valid method in the eyes of law. According to heirs, police brought Rano Mallah in the civil hospital Mirpurkhas, all the family of girl was ordered to go out, some police officials stood along Rano and they interrogated the victim who is just six years old and under harassment and trauma of incident, was told by the police “is this same person who took you and assaulted you ? “

What she replied is known by police but they informed the family that she identified Rano Mallah as the culprit of sexual assault.  But her family and other local people are not satisfied with the Police’s version of the story of what happened to the innocent girl, whose entire childhood and life has been destroyed, but now further with no hope of justice for her.”

By Phulloo Megwar

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