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Norfolk’s first Hindu temple

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Norfolk’s first Hindu temple

An old pub on the Acle Straight between Norwich and Great Yarmouth is about to become Norfolk’s first Hindu temple.

Norfolk's first Hindu Temple
Norfolk’s first Hindu Temple Credit: ITV Anglia

Members of the county’s Hindu community have been granted planning permission for the conversion, after a 15-year search for somewhere to worship, celebrate, and teach the children in their community about their faith.

The community meeting to worship
The community meeting to worship Credit: ITV Anglia
Credit: ITV Anglia

They’d previously been meeting at St Mary’s Church in Yarmouth. They were very grateful for the space the church provided, but the community had outgrown the space.

Sunita and Devender
Sunita and Devender Credit: ITV Anglia

“It’s been long overdue so having a place of your own is a big move for us that we can have a hall of our own where we can do the worship, where we can get together, we can do the cultural events, we can do any other events that our faith would like .”

– Sunita Nagpal
The community has transformed the old pub
The community has transformed the old pub Credit: ITV Anglia
Credit: ITV Anglia

Sunita says the planning permission is just the beginning. They’ve been meeting in the former pub since the start of 2015.

In the end it’ll have a library of resources on Hinduism, and will open up to people from across the county who want to learn more about the religion.

Credit: ITV Anglia

“Hinduism has got its own characteristics and those characteristics are of non-violence, kindness, helping other, and living the life which is for a purpose of being good to yourself and humanity”

– Devender Khurana

Hannah Wilkinson

Credit: ITV Anglia



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