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11 Years Old Hindu Girl Raped By Subsequent 55 Days In Bangladesh

11 Years Old Hindu Girl Raped By Subsequent 55 Days In Bangladesh
Asansol NewsJune 6, 2013; Dhaka, Bangladesh:

:One of the books that helped me get the real face of the religion I was thrown in by birth was written by Salam Azad in which he mentioned a Hindu girl Purnima who was gang-raped by 36 Muslim thugs in Bangladesh. The widow mother of the three daughters first struggled to save her daughter from 36 green devils but then within minute she was instructing the rapists how to have sex with her daughter. She asked them to go one by one. Because the thugs were treating the teen baby like a professional porn-star and pounded on her all simultaneously, ruthlessly, enjoying the scene of her bleeding, enjoying the scream of hell, enjoying their manhood on a girl of their daughters age, enjoying their bravery on a helpless half-orphan girl. The mother was begging, “Please go one by one”. But they didn’t listen.

And when their virility lost to their lust, they pinched sharp bamboo sticks into her vagina leaving her bleeding more and more, and paining for months in further infection.

Now we have another Purnima, a class six years old talented student who has been constantly raped by an Islamic cleric for constant 55 days in Cuxbazar area. Purnima is an 11 year’s old beautiful girl studying in class 6. She is a resident of Tongi area in Ghazipur in Bangladesh. On the 6th of April, 2013 she was returning from school while she was abducted by the Islamic slave traders and the fanatic Muslims of the nation.

Since then she was missing and after a long hunt the police finally recovered her from the Cuxbazar area. It was found that she was converted to Islam forcefully. Beef, which is forbidden among the Hindus, was stuffed into her mouth and she was forced to pray Namaz and read Qalma and was converted into Islam by force. Since Islam instructs the Muslim men to convert the non-Muslim women into Islam so as purify and clean these “unclean infidels”, the devout Muslims change the religion of the females. The girl was forcefully married to Rabiul Hossen Manik who raped her for constant 55 days multiple times a day. It was also learned that she was also raped by 3-4 more persons at the absence of Rabiul. This is uncannily similar fact like what happened to Rinkel Kumari in Karachi.

Utora Dev Chowdhury stands for justice of Purnima. Plz read this article to know how to support her

Utora Dev Chowdhury stands for justice of Purnima. Plz read this article to know how to support her

The Bangladeshi media which was forefront to highlight the Delhi rape case, in order to mock the status of Indian women, who highlighted the names of the rapists who were namesake Hindus whom Hindus themselves discarded, carefully suppressed the Muslim rapist Mohammed Afroz in the same case, whom the Muslim community saved from being punished through the biased and hypocrite Indian media and administration and politics. The same Bangladeshi media is silent in this case of Purnima. Except one or two media units none even covered this news and those small namesake coverage were also withdrawn carefully.

Zahid Hassan Rossel, the Member of Parliament (MP) of the area Purnima hails from, who awarded the talented student when she secured GPA-5 in “Prathamik Shiksha Samapani Pariksha” (Primary Education Final Examination), too has
maintained silence in this case. Shame to have such hypocrisy before our eyes. But it is the time true faces are recognized.

The international media and human rights have constantly overlooked the human rights violation against the minority Hindus in Bangladesh. The Hindu girls are abducted and then raped and make them unacceptable for their families and then thrash them into prostitution. But who cares. And rather than bringing out their pain to light, the so called media just maligns the victims rather than the culprits. In a National Geographic program named “Taboo” they covered the prostitution by the Hindu girls in Bangladesh where they showed that the brothel near the Dhaka bus terminal is full of the Hindu girls.

They telecase saying, “Hinduism is second largest religion in Bangladesh and in Hinduism the females are said to be treated like Durga (Goddess) but you can see the Hindu girls in prostitution”. What a shame of the bloody bootlickers. I don’t know whether the editor of the program or the people connected to the program send their daughters to do prostitution or how many of their relatives volunteered into prostitution but Hindus in Bangladesh are forced into that, they are abducted and if these great programmers compiled the day to day abduction-news coverage, they would give it a thought not to put the blame on the Hindus. It is a great shame that such a big media house has such cheap mentality to submit before the culprits and malign the victims.

The victims like Purnima hardly get the justice in Islamic nations. Hell, even the Muslim women don’t get the justice in so called secular nations like India, if they are victimized by Muslims themselves. Take the case of Shahbano or Imrana. The father-in-laws raped their daughter-in-laws but rather than punishing the culprits the daughters-in-laws were forced to marry the rapist fathers-in-law. Why? Because punishing them will be a sheer insult to the prophet Mohammed who also did the same thing to his daughter-in-law Zainab. Criticizing these rapists will be equal to criticizing the so called holy prophet of Islam. And so even the Indian constitution was changed to enable such facilities to the Muslims. We can imagine what can happen in Islamic Bangladesh.

I am afraid some Mullah will innovatively explain that this act is not heinous since Mohammed also married 9 years old Ayesha and probably pregnant her at the age of 11. But there is something called “Insaniyat” (Humanity) that is above “Islamiyat” (Islam). Can we let the Muslim fanatics rape the law such a way? Can’t we give the justice to a helpless under-teen school girl for the sake of humanity? Isn’t there anyone who could raise the voice for this child? There is one person. There is a lawyer and social worker who raises the voice for the Hindu minorities constantly. Other than the exiled Muslim writer Tasleema Nasreen who exposed the Islamic treatment to women in Lajja and for that she was fired out of the nation, other than Shahriar Kabeer who exposed the same in his documentary “Pak Sar Zameen Sad Bad Bad” who was fired out of this material world for the same etc. there is Uttora Dev Chowdhury aka Shipra who is going to lead the campaign for justice for Purnima. We request the people who are interested in bringing justice to the innocent girl, please contact her in her phone number. Here is her phone number in international format <0088-01716309035>. We hope justice will be met this time or at least the voice must reach to the international deaf and dumb protectors of human rights so that a bloody repetition of such heinous acts could be prevented.

Nazia Murtad


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