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A Brief History Of Khalistani Attacks and Killings Of Hindus

A Brief History Of Khalistani Attacks and Killings Of Hindus
The incumbent Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau was reported to have recently said:

“Over the years, with Prime Minister Modi, we’ve had many conversations on both of those issues. .. Canada will always defend freedom of expression, freedom of conscience, freedom of peaceful protest. That’s something that’s extremely important to us. At the same time, we are always there to prevent violence, to push back against hatred.”

Amidst the recent uproar about the yet unproved accusations made by the Trudeau regime, the very day after the removal of Indian diplomats from Canada by the votaries of the illiberal left an outrageous call for the expulsion and genocide of Canadian Hindus went unnoticed by the Western press.

The person leading the call was the votary of the establishment of a theocratic Sikh state in Punjab, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun:,

“Indo-Canadian Hindus, you have repudiated your allegiance to Canada and the Canadian
constitution. Your destination is India. Leave Canada, go to India,”

Pro-Khalistan Sikhs have always been loyal to Canada. They have always sided with Canada
and have upheld the laws and the constitution. Further threats have been made against the Indian High Commissioner in Canada and the Hindu population at large. This is perfectly in line with the overall Khalistan project which calls for the removal/genocide of the 12 million Punjabi Hindus.

This incredible act of Hinduphobia, whilst well reported in the Indian media has gone
completely unnoticed or maliciously ignored in the Western media. Whilst some Canadian lawmakers have spoken against this hate like Chandra Arya these tend to be of Indian origin Canadian based Rupa Subramanya has aptly written:

“If a white supremacist had threatened saying all people of colour must leave Canada,  imagine the uproar. Yet when a Khalistani threatens Hindus in Canada at an event in Canada, everyone bats their eyelid and looks the other way.”

There is a constant flow of threats and intimidation of any who oppose the Khalistan project which at its very root is the expression of violent monotheist cult based on imagined racial and historical superiority over the Hindus.

This is perfectly expressed in the imagination of the deluded by a belief in caste superiority and crucially over the belief that they hold a monopoly over the use/misuse of violence.

Thus you will find the images of violent terrorists adorned religious institutions many of whom were responsible for the mass murders of between 12,000 to 15,000 Hindus during the peak of the violent movement in the 1980s to 1990s. It would be worth noting that almost all the Hindus who were killed were unarmed civilians and that their murders are virtually unspoken of today by the modern-day votaries of Khalistan and their fellow travellers of the New Left.

Some incidents are outlined in the schedule below which is by no means comprehensive which is from 1982 – 1984. A further schedule is provided below for the period of 1984-1992.


There is today a deliberate and concerted attempt to whitewash the attempts at intimidation and ethnic cleansing in Punjab. The killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar would impel the critical reader to note that he was accused of bombing a Hindu religious procession and the murder of a Hindu religious figure.

There are also indications that he may have played a part in the recent spate of attacks against Hindu religious figures in Punjab in 2016-2017 .

The murders and attempted murders of unarmed Hindu civilians like Naresh Kumar, Amit Arora, Durga Prasad Gupta, Jagdish Gagneja, Amit Sharma, Satpal Kumar, Ramesh Kumar,Vipin Sharma, Ravinder Gosai and others along with a Christian activist Sultan Masih and Chand Kaur, the leader of Sikh sect.

Further incidents include the attack in 2021 on the Kali Mata temple in Patiala

This is coupled with the very public attempts to disrupt the Hindu celebrations of Diwali in Canada last year 2022 which almost led to a large-scale fight between hundreds of individuals.

And this is not restricted to Canada. In the United Kingdom, there are yearly celebrations in the Southall area on significant religious and political occasions for many religious communities. The Sikh Vaisakhi celebration is one such occasion where thousands peacefully attend with the support of the local communities and people.

Hundreds often pour onto the streets on Eid, Pakistan, Indian and Afghan independence days with no untoward incidents. Indeed there were large-scale celebrations on the 14th August and 16th August 2023 by the Pakistani and Afghan communities respectively.

However, when the Indian community attempted to celebrate the Indian independence day on the 15th August 2023 they were met by a small group of violent Khalistani supporters who attempted to block their path.

One of these extremists was armed with multiple knives and weapons and attempted to attack the unarmed predominantly Hindu members of the crowd leading to injuries to two persons.

The armed attacker, Gurpreet Singh had travelled across London with the clear intention of committing violence was disarmed and subdued by the local Hindus and has since been remanded in prison to await trial. With a firm belief in their monopoly on violence, the local Khalistanis have attempted to cast this incident as an attack on unarmed Sikhs.

Their version of events is characterised by their social media posts of their most vocal organisations:

The community itself now needs to act to protect our youth from attacks by Hindutva Migrants by peacefully not letting them into Gurdwaras due to security threats and freeloading langar they are NOT WELCOME we all need to write to local authorities to demand action against these migrants terrorising communitie

As can been seen the language used by these groups and their fellow travellers in the extreme right is identical

The above is only a very brief outline of the rampant and violent Hinduphobia prevalent amongst a section of the diaspora Sikh community that supports the notion of the theocratic state of Khalistan.

They are engaged in a ludicrous self called Khalistan referendum in which second and third generation Sikhs are permitted to vote despite being citizens of their respective countries whether that be the USA, Australia, UK or in this case Canada.

That the self-proclaimed votaries of free speech and freedom have deliberately ignored that this referendum does not account for the Hindu population of Punjab, which is now close to 50% of the population being permitted to vote or have a say in the future of this grotesque right-wing fascist state known as Khalistan.

Furthermore, they claim to hold referendums relating to Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, states in which Hindus constitute over 90% of the population who will not be permitted to vote or have equal rights with the Khalistanis. Such repulsive attempts to cast this as an expression of freedom and equality would put the Taliban and ISIS to shame.

The myth of equal rights and freedom is exposed by the very clear endorsement of violence and genocide established on the myth of racial superiority which has characterised this movement from the very beginning and must be opposed by all clear-thinking people.

The moral compass on this point very clearly shifts to the West and the liberal media as to whether they will remain silent in the face of this Hinduphobic wave of hate, murder and calls for genocide

There has been a decades-long effort to remove the Hindus from the history, music and social fabric of the once vibrant Punjabi community. The Hindus of Punjab have been subjected to a relentless campaign of contempt and prejudice which exploded into the genocidal wave of violence unleashed against them in the 1980s. Contrary to propaganda being peddled this hate did not begin in 1984 but many years before which continues to this day.

The genocidal threats made by the Sikhs for Justice group is only the latest manifestation of this fascist and racist campaign which believes it has the sole monopoly to commit violence and genocide without repercussion.

Certainly, the Hindu community will not accept this and will remain constant in their peaceful and principled opposition to hate in whatever form of hatred it manifests itself.

Schedule of terror attacks from 1984-1995


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