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Amazon Prime Promoting Hinduphobia and Hindu genocide admist the Lockdown legally

Amazon Prime Promoting Hinduphobia and Hindu genocide admist the Lockdown legally

When all of us thought that the Hinduphobic Urdu film industry based out of Mumbai, notoriously known as Bollywood, couldn’t further surprise us Lo and behold here comes another shocker. Produced by a notorious Hinduphobe Anooska Sharma (wife of cricketer Virat Kohli), comes along a web series called Patalok. While there have been several other Hinduphobic series been promoted by Netflix, this time Amazon Prime takes the cake.

From creating an overall hatred for Hindus to giving a virtual free pass to every single non-Hindu, the series has it all. In any case, this message is a call to action and not description of a series that possibly whets the appetite of the Hinduphobes beyond measure. Here’s a short list of facts that will explain to you how this series is Hinduphobic and promotes a false narrative as well.

⦁ There are two central protagonists in the series. Two cops, one a Hindu who’s surname is Chaudhary and the other a non-Hindu called Ansari Chaudhary is characterized as an alcohol abusing loser who’s extremely temperamental. In fact half of the cops are shown to be from the same Hindu community (let’s name it, we all know who Tokas, Chaudhary, Dahiya are) creating a stereotype of how the hiring for Delhi police takes place. The non-Hindu cop is shown as a highly intelligent, balanced person.

⦁ The main villains of the story are Tyagi – a Hindu from Bundelkhand, Tope Singh – a Dalit Sikh from Punjab. The two other conspirators, both non-Hindus are shown as poor victims.

⦁ One is simply a car jacker called Kabir M and other one is trans person from the North East of India. NO prizes for guessing the religious identities of these two “poor victims”.

⦁ In one of the scenes, the priest of a Temple is shown as serving meat to a goon while sitting right outside the Sanctum Sanctorum of the temple. Now, unlike temples in Southern India the ones in Northern India don’t have deep sanctum sanctorums and the deities are clearly visible from outside.

⦁ The journalist, is obviously a non-Hindu with an Indian sounding name. and honest man called Malhotra who’s hounded by his very Hindu boss, Singh sahib. Sigh sahib has a habit of using urdu cuss words at every given occasion, he is obviously a devious Hindu man and unsurprisingly supports the present political dispensation.

⦁ The wife of the journalist, who has adopted a street dog who she’s named “Savitri”. Now ordinarily, I don’t have any issues with giving names to other jivhas that resonate with our historical characters. However this needs to be understood in perspective of the Hinduphobes. Savitri is considered as one of the Devis who sacrificed everything for her family and was a dutiful wife. Contrast this with the behavior of a female dog and you’ll get the picture.

Here’s a list of things that we all can do to register our protest and ensure that this series is exposed for what it truly is, Hinduphobic.

⦁ Go and down vote the series on IMDB with a ranking of 1. Since the series is still fresh, its still not up on rotten tomatoes and other ranking portals. However, keep and eye out for such to happen and do what’s required. See the graphic below to rate the content. While your comments might be moderated by IMDB, do still leave a review and let’s see what happens. Make sure that you’re comments are representative of reality rather than abusive.

⦁ Write letters to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting registering your protest. Let’s tell these folks who’s elected them to the offices that they enjoy and if they can’t protect our rights to just be human, we might already start looking for alternatives. Look below for contact details to the Ministry (including contact details of the Minister and his chief secretary)

Flood their inboxes with your emails, call them and leave your messages containing hurt and disgust at this Hinduphobic content being promoted within India. You can also send your postcards and letters to the address below:

⦁ Downvote and report any content related to the series on youtube, vimeo, Apple and any other platform that you might come across carrying content that’s promotes any content from this Hinduphobic series.

⦁ Most importantly. Start writing emails and petitioning the Leadership at Amazon Prime, USA. We know that the Indian ones will do nothing, since they’re possibly Hinduphobes themselves. However we need to let their bosses know that they can’t hurt the sentiments of over a billion people and get away with it. Below is an example of an email that can be sent to the Amazon management. You can write directly to Jeff Bezos here.

You can also call Amazon Prime India customer service to register your protest here.
Tag Gaurav Gandhi the Director and General Manager for Amazon Prime Video, India on twitter. Here’s a link to his profile https://twitter.com/iamgauravgadhi

That’s him.

Here’s Aparna Purohit, the head of Amazon Prime Originals for India. Incidentally she’s also an alumnus of Jamia Milia Islamia. Figures.

That’s a link to her profile https://twitter.com/aparna1502?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
Just so you were confused, here’s an example of content posted by this Hinduphobe. Also figures.

For far too long these Hinduphobes have been given a free run with their propaganda machinery to run without any challenge. Remember that these people who what they do, since they face no real challenge or threat to their criminal empire. Now, its time to let these folks know that we will not take this lying down. Time to sound the war drums.

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