London was graced with the singular exhibition on the fate of the Kashmiri Hindus at the hands of Islamic extremists at the Commonwealth Club in the Strand on 28th -29th June 2004. It was hosted by the Indo-European Kashmir Forum led by Sunil Bakshi.

This is a poignant and timely reminder of the continuing tribulations faced by this Hindu community as they languish in the refugee camps outside of Delhi and see their culture and society disintegrate –unable to help themselves and ignored by the rest of India and the wider world.

The exhibition itself comprises of leaflets, journals and large posters as well as a short film (made by Ashok Pandit) outlining Kashmir’’s unique contribution to and expression of Sanatan Dharma together with the Kashmiri Hindu people’s subsequent genocide and forcible expulsion from the Kashmir Valley by strategic Islamic terrorist activity.

In spite of the short notice the exhibition attracted a fair number of visitors including other members of the Commonwealth Club, tourists and interested passersby. Those few Hindus who did attend presented Monsieur Gautier and his wife with a token of their appreciation of his dedication and courageous efforts in highlighting the ongoing abuse of the human rights of Hindus ( in this case the Hindus of Kashmir).

Where were the leaders of the various Hindu sects? Where was the general Hindu public? Where was the media? Where was Amnesty International? Since several strenuous efforts were made to secure the latter’’s attendance but they steadfastly refused to attend citing their already ‘considerable research” into the Kashmiri Hindu problem’ as well as previous work commitments.

Amnesty’”s response in this instance and others belies their claim to champion the rights of all communities. It would appear that they are more partial to the abuse of the rights of selected communities and impervious and silent on the same matter when it occurs to other peoples (notably the Hindus).

October 14, 2004