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Bharatanatyam and the Art of Christian Inculturation

Bharatanatyam and the Art of Christian Inculturation

For the viewer who is not aware the video looks innocent, well choreographed and professionally made promoting Hindu  Bharatanatyam dance but when one becomes aware how christian missionaries in the recent years have been trying to use Hindu culture and its arts as a way to hunt new souls for Christianity then the video is not that innocent after all but is part of the Art of Christian Inculturation .

The song in the video is of a Telugu traditional christian hymn Yahova Na Mora and is with English subtitles


Inculturation, as propounded by the Vatican Council II Documents 1, is the plan of Christians being within the folds of culture, tradition and heritage of any people, posing as faithful devotees and declare the “hidden Christ” at right moment, so that they (dubbed as heathens, infidels & unbelievers) would become “Christians”. Till such time, they have to adapt and adopt their culture and related customs, practices and manners.

 Examples :

These are examples of Inculturation; one of the 45+ deceptive techniques used in conversions all over the world, nicely catalogued here. This is the modus operandi of Christian missionaries for the past 2000 years. They misappropriate good things of other civilizations and ‘internalize’ on their way to global conquest.


Rajiv Malhotra on “Digestion” and Inculturation

An interesting Q&A discussion, by the author of “Being Different,” on the recent adoption by Christian churches and teachers in India of Indian spiritual practices, dress, and ritual forms in their “presentation” of Christian teaching. Bede Griffiths and Abhishiktananda both initiated such moves in the past, and others are following. Malhotra argues this is predatory,


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