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British Broadcasting Corporation’s latest hate Against the Indigenous Hindu Voice

British Broadcasting Corporation’s  latest hate Against the Indigenous Hindu Voice
The BBC anti-Hindu propaganda machine has once again come into full swing, with a piece from 2 March 2016 that claims to be from popular blogger Nooshin Soluch:
In this we are fed the dangerous idea that India’s ‘Hindu’ nationalists are going to rewrite history. Of course this comes hot on the heels of the BBC rewriting history of India itself for some time now. Having brainwashed its readers with toxic ideas of Hinduism having an inherently racially based apartheid style hierarchy called caste, it now sees it fit to take to task any idea to examine the period of Islamic imperialism in Indian history, even though the facts were attested to not just by scholars but also contemporaries in the period under review. In like manner would the BBC denigrate Catholic ‘extremists’ who would like to look at how that religious group was treated under Elizabeth I or Oliver Cromwell?

Indeed it does not have the same issue when an independent Ireland took its own course after 1922 and tried to revive Gaelic language and Irish culture following 700 years of foreign occupation by the Anglo-Normans, English, and dominant Protestants. It is indisputable historical fact. But with India the age old colonial attitudes the predated Irish independence in 1922 still hold sway: their racial undertones hardly camouflaged by the BBC’s ‘liberal’ sentiment and the double standards it presents.

Then again this is an organisation which needs to rewrite its own history, having actively encourages child abusers, sex pests and serial rapists such as Jimmy Savile from within its own ranks to act with impunity. No surprise then that this corporate behemoth is always on the prowl for new victims.
One well known tactic the BBC use as wit this blog is put forward the token brown face. This is an excellent means not only to hide racial bias but also to put any criticism on a guilt trip. It is perhaps the most disgusting of all tactics, especially in the light of the BBC pushing the Aryan racial myth as fact.

This myth was in fact a tactic used by the British Raj to justify foreign rule in India, because as Karl Marx himself said Indian history was nothing more than a series of invasions. In this manner the British themselves rewrote the history of India long before any of the BBC’s bête noir Hindu nationalists were on the scene. For the BBC’s leftward leaning environment, if Marx said it about India then it must be true. The fact that his views on India were on the same axis as Hitler is just an unfortunate coincidence that can be brushed off. Just as Hindu views that give an alternative to this racist narrative continue to be censored by the BBC.

The blogger in question must therefore be seen in this light. A token brown face that makes it look as if this broadcasting imperialist monster is actually taking unbiased views from the street. It is actually taking extremely biased views from the gutter, as is standard with the BBC reporting on Hindu matters.

For example reading the BBC report about student rebel Kanhaiya Kumar  one gets the impression that this is akin to the radical student protests against De Gaulle’s authoritarian ruling style in France of 1968. It is anything but that. Would the BBC treat rallies in favour of the 7/7 terrorist bombers that killed and maimed commuters on London’s tube in 2005 as just some innocent protest? Because that is what we are faced with here, terrorist sympathisers in India getting sympathy from the BBC. Proponents of genocide treated with kid gloves because they oppose these ‘Hindu’ nationalists.

 If anyone if rewriting history then it is the BBC. But as the Jimmy Savile ( UK’s biggest Child Abuser ) inquiry demonstrated this entity has always been a law unto itself. 

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