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Dealing with the Asuras of Monsanto

Dealing with the Asuras of Monsanto

Dr. Sanjay Kadlimatti shares his insight about the Health Hazards of Genetically Modified Foods


Dear friends PLEASE take few minutes to read this and wake up for ourselves and our future generation!!!

It is said that “We are what we Eat”. Do anyone of us (in India at-least) know what we are eating? Think of our health status now as compared to our parents and grand parents. And also please think of our Children who are more susceptible in future. Have you ever asked yourself, Why there is increased rate of premature ageing, digestive disorders, cancers, heart diseases, genetic diseases, auto immune diseases, allergies etc. etc.???

Indian farmers also have gradually started using the Genetically Modified Seeds produced by this company called Monsanto. It has 16 branches in India, 4 of which are in Maharashtra, 3 in Karnataka, 2 each in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh and 1 each in Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, New Delhi and Union territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli.

The food crops produced by this company is Genetically Engineered to increase the yield and enables the plant to fight against the pests. At the same time these Genetically Modified Seeds / Foods are very dangerous to the Mankind, all animals and even the whole ecology of the earth. It causes increased risk of CANCER, AUTO IMMUNE DISEASES, GENETIC DISORDERS and What not??? Refer this link to see what are the 50 side effects of Genetically Modified Foods

Many Countries like Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Madeira, New Zealand, Peru, South Australia, Russia, France, and Switzerland have banned this company – Monsanto in their countries. See this link below;

Recently farmers of Hungary have burned and destroyed all the Monsanto Genetically Modified Corn fields!!!

Now its time to wake up for we INDIANS. Lots of our children eat this Corns and other food grains which are made from the Genetically modified Corns and grains produced by this company. The so called Sweet Corn are also dangerous. This toxic Corn is also available as a ready Breakfast Mix in different flavors!!!

You know there is a company called ‘MAHYCO’ which distributes seeds to Indian Farmers. This company has the tie up with Monsanto and that Deal is known as MMB (Mahyco Monsanto Biotech).

It seems fascinating to use the word “TECHNOLOGY” as in BIOTECHNOLOGY !

Recently One Ayurvedic College has planned to start the New Branch called as “AYURTECH” which plans to bring Biotechnology into Ayurveda and also design all machines to perform all Panchakarma procedures!!! How can machines replace MAN in Ayurvedic Therapy when Research has proved that, Human touch of Love and affection is very much mandatory for healing!!!

You don’t have to do something BIG wasting all your valuable time. What everyone of us has to do is, As a responsible citizen of INDIA, Educate the farmers near by your city, town, village about the side effects of these genetically modified foods. Ask them to follow the traditional ways of farming (Organic Farming – Saavayava Krushi in Kannada). Educate the farmers not to use harmful chemical based pesticides. Ask them to use their traditional ways of storing and using the natural SEEDS for agriculture.

Also as an educated citizen please find some 15 to 30 minutes of time to visit the nearest Agricultural Officer and discuss this issue with him/her to avoid such Genetically Modified Foods.

We can’t expect anything from the Government, as Governments are involved in this multi-million money making scams. Politicians are less bothered about the health hazards on their citizens. They are only bothered about the money that is paid by these companies.

We have to work at the Root Level. “Reach and Teach Farmers” is my MANTRA to tackle this problem for a healthy upcoming generations. When a farmer himself will not support these companies and reject to use their seeds, then where these companies will survive. We have to learn lessons from the above mentioned companies like Hungary, Austria etc.

Goooooo Friends… Start Acting from today itself for a Healthier Tomorrow.

by Dr. Sanjay Kadlimatti

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