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Hindu Florist Murdered and Eye Witness now also Dead

Hindu Florist Murdered and Eye Witness now also Dead

Tension prevailed in Moodbidri after a flower merchant, who was said to be a Bajrang Dal activist, was allegedly murdered in a market on Friday ( 9/10/15)

According to the information reaching here, six persons in two motorcycles came to the market around 7 a.m. when Prashant Poojary (29), the deceased, and his father were selling flowers. They attacked Poojary with sharp weapons and fled, even as he collapsed on the road.

Poojary’s father and others shifted him to a private hospital where he died. Before he breathed his last, Poojary revealed to the police the names of those who were allegedly involved in the attack. But, the police did not confirm this.

Sharan Pumpwell, regional convener, Bajrang Dal, said Poojary had been actively involved in preventing illegal cow slaughter and transportation. Mr. Sharan said the murder was suspected to be carried out by those allegedly involved in illegal cow slaughter. “We want police to arrest the persons in the next two days. If they fail to do so, we will be forced to launch an agitation,” he said.


Following the murder, according to information reaching here, Bajrang Dal activists and other residents of Moodbidri blocked traffic near the bus-stand. They asked people to close down shops, business establishments and educational institutions in Moodbidri. While many closed down their shops and business establishments on their own, others did after being told by the protesters to do so. Furniture and other articles in some shops were damaged.

In the evening, a group of activists damaged the glass casing of a real estate firm in Moodbidri that continued to be open. The police dispersed them. Some more shops from a particular community were damaged after the cremation of Prashant Poojary in the evening. A cameraman of a local media channel and a Kannada daily reporter were reportedly assaulted.

Additional Director-General of Police (Law and Order) Alok Mohan, who is camping in Haveri, told The Hindu that the situation in Moodbidri was under control. “We are on the trawl of offenders. They will be arrested soon,” he said.

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Eyewitness in Moodbidri Murder Found Dead

MANGALURU:Sixty-year-old Vaman Poojary, who was an eyewitness in the controversial murder of Bajrang Dal activist Prashanth Poojary of Moodbidri, has died under mysterious circumstances.

Poojary was missing from his house since Thursday afternoon.

According to police, he may have committed suicide but the reason is yet to established.

A case has been registered at the Moodbidri police station. Police are looking into whether Vaman was facing any threat to his life.

Vaman Poojary was a tender coconut vendor near Prashanth Poojary’s shop. Police confirmed that Vaman Poojary was an eyewitness to the murder.

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