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Hindu News Blogs : The New Money Making Scam ?

Hindu News Blogs : The New Money Making Scam ?

Over the recent years there’s been a whole range of Hindu Blogs appearing over the net promoting Hindu based news.Much of the material is often plagiarized from various other blogs and even from the HHR website.But what’s been more worrying is that HHR has received several complaints over time claiming that many of these blogs ask for cash donations and contributions for their services. Apart from setting up a news blog no one knows what services. Sometimes they claim its the cost for web hosting or updating domain names which these days dont cost that much either or its for saving Hindus from conversion.  So It becomes obvious its just another money making scam.

There have been some claims where  some Hindus who out of the goodness of their heart have given cash donations to never see anything concrete come out of it for the Hindu cause. We ourselves have been approached by people claiming they are working to save Hindus and need money. For  example there was someone called Bunty Gupta on Facebook who approached HHR claiming he’s saved thousands of Hindu street children from conversion by Christian missionaries in Delhi and he desperately needs funding. When we asked him for proof of his work. He responded back claiming he cant send us pictures of his work because Sonia Gandhi had already sent goons to kill him before and doesnt want anyone to know where he exactly operates. Even though now we were suspicious we guaranteed him we wont make any of the pictures public.

He still didnt provide us any proof apart from the location where his ‘ air conditioned and state of the art Hindu defense office ‘ was suppose to be. We then sent one of our Delhi contacts to check out on this Bunty Gupta and he reported back that there was no office there apart from a paan and tea stall with a illegal live wire connection to the electric lamp post. And when we mentioned this to  Bunty Gupta in email he suddenly vanished from Facebook. We are sure he’s still around probably asking for donations under a new name.

Of course there are also genuine Hindus who are doing work on the ground like Prakash Jha and Anuradha Mishra from P2P productions who have brought the plight and suffering of Pakistani Hindus living in delhi as refugees in a series of videos to the public in India and outside even reaching to the United Nations . But the both of them still need more support for their work from Hindus.

So unless people know who are running these news blogs or have seen hard evidence of action on the ground for the Hindu cause then we will request everyone to be cautious and be on guard when handing any money or bank details to these websites which ‘ claim’ they are working for the Hindu cause as anyone can set up a blog in 5 minutes.

This is why the HHR site doesn’t have any donation tabs  and refuses donations  because we are not here to make a living and a career out of Hindu suffering and other issues that affect Hindus around the world. And we have a whole history of action on the ground for nearly 16 years or so which can be checked on the HHR site at the bio section that we walk our talk.

So be aware of any fraudulent activities of ‘Hindu’ sites asking for donations or contributions without any work to show on the ground  .And message us if you come across any sites that may have raised your suspicion. Thanks HHR

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