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Hindu Vatican ?

Hindu Vatican ?

In secular India and throughout the world Hindus have found themselves scattered, disorganized and without any form of representation. Nepal the only declared Hindu state is too small, they are not economically as equipped as India and they are overrun with the same problems Hindus are facing and cannot be the symbol of Hindu power. Nepal is a Hindu state that became so because nobody cared to invade, most of its land runs vertical.

Nepal unfortunately does not represent Hindu strength but, is a great example of our ability to escape total annihilation and survive. India is where most of our Gods walked, India is where there are almost one billion of us and India is where we have a majority; uniting this nation and bringing it under a Hindu identity will prove that Hinduism is here to stay.

However, before all this can take place and even after the fact, having a Hindu “Vatican-type” designated area will make a statement about the Hindu religion. We are currently and maybe, for many generations to come, very disorganized and scattered because it is the nature of our religion not to be dogmatic but, when facing organized opposition we ourselves must act to suit because it is also the nature of our religion to adapt and learn. We are survivors but, we need not be second class citizens of the world.

Hindus should declare a 10 mile radius of a Holy City or site like Dwarka, Lord Krishna’s City or Ayodhya where it will be a protectorate state of India but, like the Vatican it will have its own Head of State such as an Acharya who represents all denominations of Hinduism. This Acharya will represent the Hindu nation globally and is to be treated as a Head of State and a religious leader like the Pope.

Presently India may not be too far away from becoming a Hindu state unlike its secular self today. This Hindu site will be a nucleus like the Vatican or Mecca to unite all Hindus and will at the same time give Hindus a platform of power that the government of India cannot provide.

When the Head of Hinduism travels abroad it will give Hindus the respect and identity they deserve as an ancient power especially when other Heads of State must greet him or her as an equal and roll out the red carpet and salutes. Every nation that treats him or her with respect is treating us with the same respect and recognition as a civilization. This Hindu Head of State will allow India itself to remain democratic and give Hindus a moral unifying boost with a voice.

By Vassan Ramracha.

A Hindu Activist from Trinidad and Guyana.

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