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Indian Dharmic Genocide Museum: Why Did We Build This New Hindu Site?

Indian Dharmic Genocide Museum: Why Did We Build This New Hindu Site?

Why We Built This Site?

We, a group of Hindu’s from the UK and India, engaged in a heated debate on why the Indian Government wasn’t seeking justice for the Bangladeshi Genocide of 1971, after a recent video of Imran Khan emerged of him acknowledging Pakistan’s role in that Genocide?. Someone suggested writing letters to the Indian government was the best form of action.

Another in the group thought if we could somehow educate many people at once, that the people themselves would put immense pressure on the government to take action. Unlike all the other faiths and religions in the world, Hindu’s had nothing like the Holocaust Museums dotted all over the world, maybe a couple of small websites and barely a few physical museums. It was then we decided to take a more direct action and decided to build a digital museum that could be accessed anywhere in the World and at anytime.

Genocide a tough subject for anyone to digest, let alone the people of India. As our group was mixed, the UK Hindu’s were routinely reminded of genocides and atrocities that had taken place so we can learn from them. It was considered normal and healthy to be able to discuss past traumas and the education hopefully ensured we didn’t repeat the same mistakes, seek justice and begin to heal. But in India these tragedies of Hindu Genocide simply were never spoke about.

What was it that prevented the ‘Indian mind’ from doing this? We found that the genocides in India are so severe, so widespread and have taken place over such a long period of time that the ‘Indian mind’ seems to have built a coping mechanism unique to followers of Dharma.

We feel the ‘Indian Mind’ has blacked out event after event, as it has often had no discourse for justice with almost a thousand years of brutal invaders.

It simply rationalised and looked to the future, carrying with it inter generational trauma so deep, it has become part of its very culture. What we find most amazing is how the ‘Indian Mind’ has endured these events and then even forgiven and been hospitable to its aggressors.

We believe this is because of a commonly held Hindu belief that ‘we are not this body ‘ and also that every human is ‘Truth, consciousness and bliss’. Forgiveness aside we do not believe ‘self hatred’ to be a ‘noble quality’ and we feel our people should know what has happened to them so that they are aware of the dangers and the steps leading up to them.

We look at the surprisingly similar tactics used by seemingly separate aggressive forces that seem to target Hindu’s, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and Indigenous people specifically in India. It’s time for our people to unite, grieve and heal.


Site Objectives:

Educate users on:

Genocides that have taken place and still take place to this day

Cover genocides rarely spoken about and add content to genocides already known

Unite all Dharmic Hindu Genocide victims under one umbrella, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jains & Indigenous

Common tactics used and atrocity literature

Common aggressors


Coming Soon!

More content to all existing articles 

New Articles on Partition – 1947, Bengal Famine  coming soon

Blog with ‘Genocide Cards’ helping us to ‘Catalogue genocides in a database that we will make available to the public’


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