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Video : Indigenous Hindu Pelted With Stones by Far Right Islamists Suffers Severe Head Injuries

Video : Indigenous Hindu Pelted With Stones by Far Right Islamists Suffers Severe Head Injuries

This is 16 years old Shivam, critically injured during an attack & stone pelting at a Ram Navami procession in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh. Currently, he is fighting for his life in hospital.

On April 10, when Islamists were pelting stones and petrol bombs at Hindus celebrating Ram Navami in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh, a 16-year-old boy Shivam became the victim of the violence. Shivam Shukla was part of the procession on Ram Navami. The celebrations turned into a horror story for the family within minutes.

Currently, Shivam is lodged in a hospital getting treatment for head injuries. As per reports, the broken skull bones had punctured the brain, and a clot had formed. Surgery was performed on Shivam by the doctors to save his life. He is now in ICU, struggling for his life.

What happened on April 10?

On the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami on Sunday, April 10, Shivam took part in the procession to celebrate the birth festival of Bhagwan Ram. The Islamists started pelting stones and petrol bombs on the procession in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh. Suddenly, Shivam fell down, and when the people around saw him, they noticed he had sustained head injuries.

Amid the violence, he was rushed to a local private hospital, but there were no beds available. He was then moved to the government hospital. The doctors saw there was a hole in his head, but he was still breathing. He was immediately referred to Indore for treatment. On the way to Indore, Shivam was conscious, but he had lost consciousness by the time they reached the hospital.

Shivam was admitted to a private hospital in Indore, where neurosurgeon Dr Pranav Ghodgaonkar is treating him. Some reports suggest that the family first thought he had sustained a bullet injury, but no bullet or bullet fragments were found in the head. Doctors could not figure out what could have caused the injury. However, it was reported by the doctors treating Shivam that it was a deep injury and the skull bone fragments had punctured the brain. On the other hand, a report in Nai Duniya stated that Shivam’s cousin Nilesh has informed that he was hit by a stone.

On Tuesday night Dr Ghodgaonkar performed surgery on Shivam and pulled out the fragments and some other material that had entered the skull when he was injured. Shivam is unconscious, and doctors are not sure when he will gain consciousness. The doctor said his condition is critical and currently under observation post-surgery.

His cousin Nilesh who accompanied him to the hospital said in a statement that Shivam’s father, Purshottam Shukla, is a farmer and his family lives around 100 KM away from Khargone in Nisarpur. Shivam was pursuing a diploma in Computer Sciences from ITI, for which he had shifted to Khargone to live with his uncle Surendra Joshi.

Shivam has two elder sisters. One of the sisters’ weddings was scheduled for April 17. His uncle and parents could not come to Indore due to curfew in the region. It is unclear if he will be able to attend the wedding if it takes place on April 17 or if the wedding will be postponed considering his curfew and his health condition in Shivam.

MP Govt acknowledged Shivam’s hospitalization

State Cabinet Minister Narottam Mishra mentioned Shivam’s name during a press conference. He said, “A boy named Shivam Shukla was also injured in the violence. He is getting treated in a hospital in Indore.” He added otherwise, the situation in Khargone was under control. Courtsey-  OPIndia


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