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Influential British Christian Group’s Civil War Agenda in India

Influential British Christian Group’s Civil War Agenda in India

Hindu Humans Rights Exposure on influential Christian Solidarity Worldwide and its sinister agenda Against Hindus and India which could lead to civil war.

Cross in the Dust

Church attendance has been in decline in the United Kingdom for some years now. Indeed more people attend mosque on Friday or Hindu temples on any other day than church on a Sunday. This can only partially be explained through immigration. Religious demographics have changed because ‘traditionally’ Christian Britain is simply not so Christian any more as people have become apathetic to religion in general. Many define themselves as being of no belief while others adopt the labels of agnostic, atheist or humanist. Others convert to other faiths. The cumulative result has been to push Christianity increasingly out of the public sphere where it once enjoyed hegemony and monopoly and into an ever more desperate corner as it battles new ideas with which it struggles to compete.

Yet Christianity is not going down without a fight. While the established Church of England suffers demographic catastrophe the more vibrant black-majority evangelical churches thrive in inner city areas. Indeed many of these largely Nigerian led outfits seek to re-Christianise godless Britain using American-style euphoria and marketing techniques to successfully brainwash their followers into handing over cash, bank account and credit card details. Pretty lucrative work if you can get it!

In the sphere of ideas Christianity too finds that it had better compete in the laissez-faire spiritualism which now runs rampant. In view of this the Christian Institute was established in order to push for Christianity in British public life. One of its patrons is Baroness Caroline Cox who until 2006 was president of CSW or Christian Solidarity Worldwide. Ostensibly a human rights group fighting for democracy and liberty of conscience, HHR has had serious misgivings over this hardcore fundamentalist outfit for many years from its own research and fieldwork on the organisation. What follows is merely a sample of disturbing findings as a result of the meticulous research.

The anti-Hindu core of CSW

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is a four-yearly process at the United Nations during which each and every UN Member State has its domestic human rights record reviewed by the wider international community. CSW took the opportunity of the UPR’s thirteenth session to vilify Hinduism and Hindus under the barely camouflaged veneer of looking at human rights in India . Their report submitted on 1 November 2011 can be found here:

Nevertheless it is worth adding that by the time you read this it may have been taken down as CSW have a bad habit of doing this when they get caught out. Such is the unhealthy slippery slimy nature of this extremist outfit. At the time of writing the report is still available and detailed how:

“The majority of instances of communal violence have been perpetrated by Hindu extremists against Muslims”.


“Extremist Hindu nationalists often use generalised and unsubstantiated accusations about conversions to spur anti-Christian violence.”

Church funded Nagaland Separatists

Church funded Nagaland Separatists

The biased and prejudicial report panders to the darkest depths of anti-Hindu hatred as “communalism” is blamed squarely on Hindus. No mention at all of the millions of Hindus ethnically cleansed from Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh by terrorists who strut about with the Bible in one hand and an AK-47 in the other. But then again it is essential to demonise the ‘Other’ and not give them equal rights which CSW arrogantly claim for the ‘Believers’. This is merely the latest in a series of unending diatribes against Hinduism which can be easily found by searching its website. Its euphemism of ‘Hindu extremism’ is used as a weapon to lambast the indigenous culture of India and Nepal and by that method soften the blow aimed at Hindus by well-funded and aggressive Christian missionaries so desperate to spread outdated, superstitious and regressive ideas which western democratic nations have thrown into the rubbish tip of history. Any attempt to counter this is met with aggressive and threatening language, or if that fails silence safe in the knowledge that with its powerful political backers CSW need fear nothing from the very polytheists which it denigrates. If this comes as a shock to the squeaky clean image which

Jonathan aitken

{Ex- Jail Bird : Jonathan {Aitken Head of CSW

CSW projects it should not, especially when we consider that the hardcore fundamentalist outfit is led by none other than Jonathan Aitken, a disgraced former Conservative MP who was incarcerated for perjury? Could a more befitting embellishment for CSW’s greasy, slimy, slippery and dishonest nature be found?

Christian Hardcore Hatefest

HHR first had dealings with CSW back in 2003 when the right-wing extremists had an office in Parliament itself. After initial pleasantries and claims to defend the rights of all, the rather unpleasant occupant of this powerful position became rather dark and sinister in his warnings that I had better not mention the Christian terrorists of north-east India . In other words as a Hindu in Britain I had better learn my place and it was definitely in the inferior position vis-à-vis Christianity. Indeed it reeked of when Rosa Parks was arrested for not sitting in the back of the bus.

Any attempt to counter a paradigm and discourse on the terms set by literalist hardcore Christianity was lambasted with accusations of being a follower of Hindutva and Hindu fascism, an amorphous term which translates yet again as “know your place”. I actually spoke on the telephone with this rather loquacious greasy PhD holder and after initially claiming victory (as Christian fundamentalists have always done over the pagan idol-worshippers) it was clear that to even be spoken to by the follower of the very idolatry condemned by literalist Christianity was too much for him to bare. Nothing came out of this and emboldened by a seemingly Hindu defeat CSW tore off the mask to reveal its true nature.

Joseph D’Souza the hindu hater

Joseph D’Souza right wing christian extremist and Hindu hater

It was November 2006 on a miserable rainy day in the Victoria area of London . CSW had found the issue which it has latched onto ever since, that of caste. As I entered the church for the badly attended meeting the star speaker came on stage. This was Joseph D’Souza of CSW sister partner in the anti-Hindu axis, the All India Christian Council (AICC). To the glee of the audience D’Souza gesticulated wildly, venom and saliva spewing from his mouth as he condemned Hinduism as the “worst religion in the world” and said it was important that Christians convert Dalits before Muslims also exploited the caste issue and converted them first. In fact I took part in a prayer meeting with two rather pathetic old ladies who echoed D’Souza’s words. His book ‘Dalit Freedom’ was on full display and I even had a chance to interact with the demagogue himself but only for a few moments as he was more concerned about the larger numbers of gullible white people and more importantly their wallets.


Hindu hating Rev. Michael Lawson

Rev. Michael Lawson :Anti Hindu Propagandist}

D’Souza was meant to appear again the following year at a national Christian exhibition. However he could not make it. So instead CSW arranged for Rev. Michael Lawson to show his anti-Hindu film called ‘ India ’s Hidden Slavery’ which blamed India ’s poverty, inequality and sex trade on Hinduism. Just to clear up any ambiguity Lawson admitted this to me himself. The film not only features D’Souza but also such ‘objective’ observers as Kanchan Iliah, author of ‘Why I am Not a Hindu’ and a former Labour MP who had expressed support for the secessionist movements in India. Just as with anti-Semitism, when it comes to Hindus various aspects of left and right, as well as clerical and secular find themselves easy bedfellows in their axis of hatred. Again with subsequent correspondence, CSW either denied the obvious and when that did not work, merely blocked HHR’s emails. Freedom of conscience indeed! Behind the façade of happy clapping Songs of Praise types therefore lurks a sinister force ready to strike down at any moment the very stirrings of humanity and Hindus trying to claim equal rights.

Crucifying the Hindu

Hitler and CSW both supporters} of Aryan Race theory

CSW have openly promoted D’Souza’s book in the same manner in which other far-right groups push Holocaust denial literature and Mein Kampf. The analogies do not end there because CSW has racialised the debate on caste and Hinduism with colonialist and Social Darwinist racial stereotypes. The Inclusive India campaign launched by CSW in 2009 was the pinnacle of this belief in an invading Aryan race which enslaved millions of indigenous people to form the caste system of Hinduism. As outlandish, offensive and outdated as the Hamitic invasion theory of Africa by which Victorian anthropologists claimed that black people were incapable of building anything remotely resembling civilisation, the Aryan theory dates from the same period.

While CSW promotes the Aryan race theory via D’Souza’s books and Lawson’s racist films, in its own propaganda it is more careful. One has to look behind what it means when it references the caste system as being 3000 years old and how as the present India officer argued (before doing the usual CSW tactic of blocking emails) that the tribal people of India were Adivasis (indigenous) and not Vanavasis (forest dwellers). Indeed he held the latter term to be offensive when Adivasi clearly means indigenous to a non-existent later Aryan race. In the upside down word of CSW hatecore thought, being racist is therefore preferable to being academically honest!

Christian hate turns into nazi crimes

For 2000 years Christianity has blamed the Jews for killing its god. Of course the Nazi Holocaust made this a bit embarrassing so it has tried all sorts of ways to overcome this theological embarrassment as well as absurdity. In ‘Dalit Freedom’ D’Souza fuses anti-Semitism and anti-Hindu prejudice by condemning ‘Pharaseeism’ (i.e. Judaism) as the ‘Brahmanism’ (Hinduism) which persecuted Christ. Without the Jews to blame hatecore extremists such as CSW and its junior axis partners need new scapegoats.

The main weaponin this is of course caste as CSW promotes the idea that conversion to Christianity will solve all problems of inequality which Hinduism has enforced on India since those non-existent Aryans invaded. This includes poverty and sex trafficking despite the fact that deeply ingrained Christianity has done nothing of the sort to do the same in the Philippines or even closer to home in the Ukraine and Moldova , all of which suffer from dire poverty and are prime human resource pools for sex traffickers. In the latest report CSW lambasts the Indian government for not extending the same caste quote privileges to Christian and Muslim Dalits. At present Dalits only benefit from affirmative action if they are Hindus, Sikhs, Jains or Buddhists. In one of the slimiest and dishonest propaganda pieces yet, CSW laments:

“The justification for the SC classification is that caste is not practised within Muslim or Christian communities, but there is evidence to the contrary and, more importantly, Muslim or Christian Dalits are still regarded as Dalits by wider society. This classification effectively imposes penalties upon those adopting Christianity and Islam.”

So at one level CSW claims caste is a Hindu ‘problem’ and that conversion to Christianity and Islam will resolve it. Yet in the same breath it admits that the issue of caste is a social rather than religious issue which is why even after conversion the Dalits find no improvement to their status. CSW therefore turns a social issue into one of religious freedom. It is a sick and twisted logic reminiscent of how the British National Party turned an issue of housing into one of race on the Isle of Dogs in 1993 to get hardcore Nazi Dereck Beacon elected as councillor for Millwall.

Hindu Armageddon

The genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994 was the direct offspring of the racist and now rejected Hamitic Invasion Theory of African history. Nevertheless generations of Hutus had been taught by racist Christian priests that they were the indigenous people of the region while the Tutsis were later interlopers and invaders who had snatched their land. With this ugly precedent it is clear to see where CSW’s advocation of the racist and Nazi Aryan Invasion Theory will lead to in India . In fact their own propaganda media openly boasts of this.

Kanchan Iliah

Kanchan Iliah wishing a civil war

In ‘India’s Hidden Slavery’ the anti-Hindu hate film promoted and aired by CSW in a similar manner to how the Nazis presented Der wige Jude (The Eternal Jew) in occupied wartime Europe includes an interview where Kanchan Iliah predicts (and one could accurately say hopes) civil war in India due to caste discrimination and Hinduism. Christianity is presented in the film as the answer. Again warped thinking and in total contradiction to the reality. Where Hindu culture remains strong there is in fact more communal harmony in India . While its neighbours have succumbed to military dictatorship India remains a democracy. If we are going to follow the CSW route in blaming Hinduism for caste and the amorphous ‘communalism’ then we will also have to ‘blame’ it for keeping India democratic.


Swami Lakshmananda

Where Christianity is strongest in India we actually find a disturbing pattern. This is notjust in the realm of more recent an zealous converts in the north-east who ban Hindu festivals such as Diwali at the point of the gun. In 2008 CSW shed crocodile tears for the brutal murder of Swami Lakhmananda Saraswati while at the same time revealing their true colours by implicating him in attacks upon Christians in 2007 and calling him a “controversial Hindu leader”.


New Statesman : hindu hate

New Statesman: platform for hindu hate ?

In this the right-wing Christian extremist lobby of Britain was helped in its anti-Hindu diatribe by the left-wing New Statesman. The irony is enhanced by the fact that in December 2011 this magazine was guest edited by Richard Dawkins. But when it comes to Hindus the full force of CSW’s shadowy and sinister clerical fascism is uninhibited. David Griffiths the hatecore outfit’s office for India wrote this on 5 September 2008: ( )

Swami Lakhmananda Saraswati was left by the law enforcers to perpetuate hate speech and continue his campaign against religious conversions. A small number among the Christian communities saw that the authorities did almost nothing on their behalf and took up arms, prepared to defend themselves – a lamentable factor warned about by prominent human rights journalist, Dr John Dayal, when he visited the area in January. And now it seems, Maoist insurgents saw an opportunity to gain popularity as champions of the victimised poor and beleaguered minorities.”

David Griffiths :Extreme Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist

So when Hindus counter religious conversion this is hate speech? It is this sick and twisted logic employed by Christian fundamentalist demagogues like Griffiths which cause communal friction in India . It is it any surprise that people such as this refuse to debate with Hindus? After all you do not engage in civilised dialogue with the very culture you are trying your utmost to demonise and exterminate. As for Griffiths ’ support for Dayal as a human rights activist well this is laughable as calling the late, evil and equally intolerant Christian extremist preacher Jerry Falwell an American patriot for saying that the USA deserved the attacks of 9/11. Dayal opposed Hindu schools among tribal peoples as indoctrinating them with extremist ‘Hindutva’. But he has of course no problem when fellow Christians use smiles to hide various means of coercion to destroy indigenous culture with beliefs that are so laughable they were laughed out of modern Europe by intelligent people.

Indian MaoistsGriffiths also hints at subtle sympathy at how Maoists would see a chance to gain support due to deprivation and poverty. Would he make the same comments when asking about communist insurgency in the staunchly Christian Philippines ? Obviously not because the point here is nothing really to do with caste, poverty or discrimination. It is to make easy converts to make up depletion of Christian believers in democratic countries of what was once staunchly Christian Europe and North America . Convert India and China and that becomes half the world forged as an aggressive hammer of Christ and the jealous monotheistic male deity that is nothing more than a cosmic dictator. What better way for this intolerant belief system to spread than by creating conditions that in many ways are akin to civil war?

With their powerful links to media and colonialist mentality politicians, as well as useful idiot liberals who have switched their allegiance from Marx to the Leninist Jesus of liberation theology, CSW and similar hatecore groups see their chance to blame Hindus. While the right to preach one’s faith, convert others and even question beliefs should be enshrined as an integral part of democracy and liberty, the line should be drawn when terrorists try and spread the ‘love’ of Jesus through AK-47s and blackmail as happens in India . It is the work of Nazi-style propaganda of shadowy, sinister and secretive groups such as CSW which hides this from the rest of humanity. If they were truly desirous of improving the lot of India ’s most poor and vulnerable they would work with Hindu organisations to highlight this. Of course that would stand in the way of their plans for a Final Conflict with the world’s most ancient civilisation and only surviving major pagan culture, a prelude to their Final Solution of what they regard as the Hindu ‘problem’.



About The Author

Ranbir Singh : Writer and lecturer, HHR chairman : BA (Honours) History, MA History from School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London : , Have lectured previously at De Montfort University, London School of Economics, Contributor to various political and human rights discussion outfits.


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