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Video : Police Shelter At Karauli Masjid While Far Right Extremists Use The Roof As A Terror Launchpad

Video : Police Shelter At Karauli Masjid While Far Right Extremists Use The Roof As A Terror Launchpad


Rajasthan Police reshuffled forces around the state today although we are yet to hear of the stern disciplinary action taken against police who wantonly enabled terrorisation of the Hindu community in Karauli. Hindu Human Rights demands the Rajasthan State Government explain how police are documented in video footage as active participants in the Karauli riots from within the entrance of a Masjid while dozens of far right Islamist extremists use the roof as a launchpad.

Given the police use of the Masjid as evidenced by this video below, we seek public explanation of agreements made between the police, armed mobs, the Masjid, the Popular Front of India (PFI), the State Government and ruling party. The Popular Front of India knew of the pending violence, issuing a notice to the police of trouble if the procession went ahead. Islamists elsewhere have confessed to the attacks being coordinated between Islamist groups, and that the widespread terror was intended to stop Hindus celebrating their festivals entirely.

This is an attempt to destroy Hindu cultural traditions that are protected by United Nations religious freedoms. We also note that radicalised religious extremists are using the term Islamophobia to Deny, Accuse, Reverse Victim and Offender (DARVO) throughout the media. 

The attacks breach the Human Rights of indigenous Hindu children by deploying violence against them to obtain a political goal through widespread terror. Islamists used their own children as militias and clearly operate as terror groups in these videos, brandishing weapons of stone, steel and wood against their Hindu brothers and sisters. Moderate Muslims were also impacted as homes and shops were pillaged and burnt down by members of their own community. We seek answers as to why these radicalised children saw fit to attack not only the targets from another community, but members of their own and we suspect that dissident and moderate Muslims are being controlled by them and are unable to speak up against this insidious toxic violence.

We note that in some videos rape threats are made by armed and violent mobs at the peak of rage: ‘lets go rape and we will go rape’. We seek an inquiry on the use of sexual violence by these Islamist mobs against civilians. We seek an inquiry into the freedom of political and religious association in Karauli and we suspect that, as we see across the country, members of the group who vote against the bank are being coercively controlled. This may explain why Muslim properties were vandalised along with Hindu properties since Hindus were the primary target. We suggest Hindus and those Muslims who are seen to align with the Indian central government or ‘Hindutva’ will be targeted and we back that claim up with the anti Indian government and the anti Hindu ideology expressed in the tweets of PFI below.

We seek an explanation and demand an inquiry into the indoctrination and radicalisation of each one of these Muslims involved and a solid plan to deradicalise Muslim children, to stop them from committing Hinduphobic lateral racism, hate crimes and hate speech against Hindus including through early education interventions. We seek safety planning for the communities impacted and all mixed communities as a priority including increased installation of facial recognition CCTV and drone security systems.

After a spate of co-ordinated attacks by far right extremist Islamists across India from Hindu New Year into Ram Navami using swords, sticks, stones, bricks, guns, petrol bombs and rape as weapons, leaders of The Popular Front sent out the base tweets for a campaign accusing the Indian Government and Hindus of anti-Muslim terrorism and of a future Muslim genocide. Cyber war ensued, amplified and promoted by American right wing Islamist lobbyist Khaled Beydoun and other known anti Hindu lobbyists in America and India.

Each tweet of this account below from Usman Hameed Kattapanna and others connected to it are copy pasted and retweeted hundreds of times. Many of the base accounts, early followers and followed are associated with PFI including high ranking figures.

(17) (#IndianMuslimGenocideAlert) (from:ukh321) – Twitter Search / Twitter

This is the first tweet sent out with this hashtag. Notably, automated accounts and seemingly obscure accounts have participated. If 40 tweets are retweeted by 400 accounts, a twitter trend is rapidly established. These were sent out in a systematic and coordinated way with minimal timing between each post sent out over a period of one hour on April 12 2022.

The trending of anti Muslim violence, Islamophobia and blaming of Hindus or the Indian Government for well organised anti Hindu Islamist attacks across India continues unabated. America has recently stated concern over human rights in India and we are also concerned about Hindus abroad due to widespread academic, media and political Hinduphobia, especially the granting of Islamist organisations like those depicted in this video, who live in America and spread propaganda to shield perpetrators and interfere with the course of justice after terrorism and extremist violence. 

Hindu Human Rights seeks an impartial and thorough CBI inquiry into the anti Hindu terror attacks across the country beginning with the role of Popular Front of India, the evident complicity of the Karauli Police and the Masjid, an inquiry into responses of the Rajasthan Police and disciplinary action against police as well as a concrete plan to keep Hindus of Bharat safe from these extremists. If the CBI are unable to frame these terror attacks under anti terror law, we seek that the matter is escalated accordingly.

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