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Malaysia : Waytha wants tough action on ‘defiling of deities’

Malaysia : Waytha wants tough action on ‘defiling of deities’
 Hindus believe the incident is linked to the recent visit of the preacher Zakir Naik.
 KUALA LUMPUR: Hindraf Makkal Sakthi has expressed shock over the destruction and defiling of Hindu deities in Ipoh on Sunday. “This has caused great anger and alarm amongst Hindus nationwide,” warned Hindraf Chairman P. Waythamoorthy in a statement. “We are not speculating. We are genuinely concerned.”

“Only a thorough investigation and a commitment from the police would be acceptable.

Hindus do not believe this to be an isolated incident, said Waytha. “We believe this is linked to the recent visit of the internationally notorious hate preacher Zakir Naik who could have influenced people to despise people of other faiths.”

It’s paramount the police record statements and investigate all parties including the family members of the suspect, the hospital where he was attached, his ex-colleagues and his travel patterns to get to the bottom of the incident, added the Hindraf Chief.

He cautioned Inspector General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar against brushing aside the incident as “the act of a person who is suffering from mental disorder”. “It was reported that the vehicle of the suspect had ISIS flags and banners which raises alarm.”

“This is beyond what is perceived by the police.”

Waytha reminded that Hindraf has repeatedly advised the government on the threat of ISIS reaching the shores of Malaysia. “Most recently, concern was raised on the security threat posed by the Zakir Naik lecture series.”

In reiterating that the IGP should not take the incident lightly, the NGO wants the top cop to conduct a thorough investigation on the possible involvement of the suspect in a larger agenda supported by other individuals or groups, both locally or internationally. “We say this in the interest of national security and to preserve the harmony that has existed amongst the multi-racial and multi-religious communities Malaysia.

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