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Navigating the Red Dragon’s Dragnet

Navigating the Red Dragon’s Dragnet

‘We are told (inaccurately) that the Maoists principally dominate tribal areas because these populations are among the poorest of the poor. What is ignored here is the sheer and demonstrative brutality of the Maoists — cold-blooded killings; the cutting off of limbs for the smallest of infractions; harsh and humiliating punishments for “co-operating” with the government, or otherwise acting against the will of the local Maoist leadership.’ K.P.S. Gill


Mao and his Legacy

“Lets contemplate this, how many people would die if war breaks out. There are 2.7 Billion people in the world. One third could be lost; or a little more, it could be half…I say that taking extreme situation, half dies, half lives, but imperialism would be razed to the ground and the whole world would become socialist”

Mao spoke these words in the presence of a stunned Khrushchev and went on to show how much this socialism matters after all that-

“People say that poverty is bad, but poverty is good. The poorer people are, the more revolutionary they are. It is dreadful to imagine a time when everyone is rich…from a surplus of calories people will have two heads and two legs…”

This was the man at his best at the Comintern in 1949, and he didn’t stop there but elaborated, on his nuclear War scenario over Taiwan-

“When the war was over, where shall we build the new socialist capital?” –(meaning Russia will be wiped out!) .And Mao casually proffered- the new capital would be built on a man-made island in the Pacific.
This is still the man the Communist regime looks up and professes to be its guiding light.

Jung chang and Jon Halliday’s  Mao the Unknown Story   illustrates best the biographer’s thesis that Mao was driven solely by an obsessive desire for world domination.

There are plenty of evident happenings that the post Maoist era China and the CCP could still is carrying on with his legacy.In November 1968 Mao would repeat this to Australian Maoist Hill-

“In my opinion, the world needs to be unified. In the past many including the Mongols, the Romans…Alexander the Great, Napoleon, and the British Empire wanted to unify the world.Today the Soviet Union and America want to unify the world. Hitler wanted to unify the world..they all failed. It seems to me that the possibility of unifying world has not my view the world can be unified” –Mao would declare.

Adding- as to why all they failed and implying why China should succeed if not for a single advantage of its huge population-

“”But these two countries America and Russia, have too small populations, and they will not have enough man power if they are dispersed. Also they are afraid of fighting a nuclear war.They are not afraid of eliminating large populations in other countries , but they are afraid of their own populations being eliminated..”

This is the man smiling coldly down at Tiananmen Square from the portrait at the massive People’s Liberation Army parades displaying the new might of China today.The world should be reasonably worried, yet few understand the peril.The reason is simple- post Mao Chinese communists have hoodwinked the world into believing that he was no longer relevant and that the CCP is interested only in economic uplift, trade and development. That china has reconciled to the post communist world order and left behind its legacy of Mao.The mistaken belief was due to the fact that Mao and his Thought were never about Revolution or socialism, but about Mao’s quest for world domination- and in this nothing has changed with the CCP with his departure.After the successful explosion by China of its Hydrogen bomb and missile test, in 1967 Mao stated-

“We are not only the political centre of world revolution but we must become also the centre of world revolution militarily and technologically. We must give them arms, Chinese arms engraved with our labels…we must openly support them. We must become the arsenal of the world revolution”

Today all this is done- covertly.

Seizure of Chinese arms from Maoists

In November 2009 with a devastating attack that took over 70 Paratroopers’ lives in an escalation of Maoist violence at Chhattisgarh, the security forces confiscated large catchments of weapons with Chinese marks.

The clueless Indian home secretary GK Pillai ingeniously exonerated the Chinese government. “Maoists are getting arms from China, but not the Chinese government. The Chinese government doesn’t support Maoists” declared confidently this home secretary which sounded more like a press release from the Chinese side.

This possibility of the Naxal-Maoist insurrections being a Covert operation of the PLA seems lost on the Indian administration, for they were in reality unprepared to meet this challenge.

Therefore a denial would avoid facing such inconvenient truths.

Maoists’ arms from china

What is deliberately hidden from view of its own masses is that Mao had consistently since seizing power at Beijing in 1949 chased the very same dream of Chinese hegemony over the world-but was frustrated by the inherent failures of the Communist economic philosophy.

Mao pushed to death some 38 million fellow Chinese peasants and ‘reactionaries’ into sheer mass starvation deaths. By the time he was finished with his psychotic social engineering works a staggering 70 million Chinese were wiped out.

China presents skilfully appalling contradictions.A lingering Stalinist authoritarian State presiding over a rapidly growing Free market economy.That there too could be a refined Maoist doctrine in operation is what is missed by many analysts.

Mao is supposedly fully understood as a nation builder and a visionary.China needs Mao’s legacy to fuel and justify its revived Imperial ambitions.Mao failed to turn china into a super power largely because of his Communist economic philosophy.
East is red

China under Mao instigated numerous Ultra Leftist extremist movements to be formed and spearheaded it.

Though Che Guvera fell out of Mao’s favour, and the Maoist International movement was a flop in Europe and Middle East, it gained traction in South America and Asia in India and South east Asia such as Philippines.

Peru’s Shining path movement consumed a million lives. But the irony that Shining path was started 4 years after Mao had expired raises some doubts about whether china had really wound up Mao’s export of Mao Thought.

We shouldn’t be surprised if in future some secret archives of the CCP should reveal that China had continued to sponsor Maoist movements and insurrections overseas and its distancing and these movements’ professed criticism of Beijing as ‘capital roaders’ are a decoy. The dumping of socialist economy and transformation to fastest growing economies has simply given CCP the means to materialise what Mao sought for himself- for itself and China. In this pursuit large sections of Chinese masses are in complicity with CCP’s ambitions.

Maoist insurrection movement is one of CCP’s clandestine Export products to developing countries-especially Nepal and India. This program to instigate Insurrections inside its neighbours began with Burma in the 60s. Much before that Mao dragged America into a war using Korea and Vietnam.

Mao had habituated the Chinese to waste millions of lives in conflicts for geo-political calculations. This adventurism and brinkmanship has been retained by the CCP following Mao’s death.

The Red Corridor- towards urban encirclement

The Red Corridor that extends from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka through the tribal badlands of Chhattisgarh, Uttaranchal, Bihar, and West Bengal and to Nepal borders seems to be a Red carpet landing strip for a PLA Invasion.

Tibet, Nepal, Burma, and now Sri Lanka – China has consistently moving along ever since this was deciphered couple of decades ago, as a strategic Encirclement.China’s help with Global terrorism

China is also increasingly not averse to play the odd man using its veto as a Security Council member. While it publicly denounces international terrorism, it has consistently seconded and helped with Pakistan as a sponsor of global terror in every tight corner. Abdul Rahman Makki is second in command of Lakshar e Toiba, a fund raiser and figures in Gavid Hailey’s dairy.Azam Cheema is intelligence chief and the Mumabai 2007 train bombings were orchestrated by him.Mohammad Masood Azhar Alvi founded the dreadful terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed who was traded for the hostages of hijacked Indian airlines flight 814 at Kabul.LeT and the JeM are both terrorist outfits listed under the UNSCR 1267.

China refused to the Listing of these wanted kingpins of terror for UN sanctions. According to Intelligence reports the Maoists in India’s tribal belt have been forming a broad alliance of Insurrectionist movements.

The tactical line is for the Maoists to lend the Tribal Red Corridor as training grounds for the Urban Islamist groups such as the Indian Mujahedeen and Lakshar.The urban encirclement from rural bases is a classic guerrilla war strategy espoused by Mao though it wasn’t his own brainchild but one of his rival war lord’s during the Long march.

Maoists view Islamist terror groups as fulfilling this stage of their insurrection against the Indian State.In the North east the separatist Nagas, Mizo national front and Assam Liberation Front have been interacting closely with Maoists and the Islamist groups. They have relocated their training stations inside Burma and their leaders have been travelling to mainland china. Chinese arms are provided and some reports suggest Chinese military advisers and intelligence agents’ interaction.The seeming hostility of Maoists towards China’s CCP could very well be an ostentatious display of a smoke screen-behind which the CCP or a hardliner PLA could be retaining these Maoist movements as a part of its covert operations.The very first thing that Prachanda the Maoist leader of Nepal did after take over as PM was to call upon the Chinese.

Economic Sabotage and Bullying-

Flooding the market with cheaper goods from its sweat shops and crippling the Indian domestic manufacturers began in the 90s. China also has lured out capital investment and Indian manufacturers to set shop in mainland China.

Today china is mopping up world resources on an alarming speed- it is buying up mines and oil fields from Australia to African sub Sahara. But what have really alarmed the world lately are its aggressive operations against other nations’ economies aimed at economic sabotage.


Senator Mike Rogers briefing from the report of Deputy Director of National security Agency informed the US senate gravely in October 2011-

“The united states faces a significant ongoing cyber threat to its security today. There is a lot of talk about a cyber-Pearl harbor-shutting down national and critical infrastructure that can cause physical damage to infrastructure.

Most dangerous is the input that America is suffering from cyber espionage over every sector of its national life and economy. Its causing already massive losses to private sector because most innovative ideas are stored electronically and most using social media or emails have been hacked and facilities damaged by Trons.

Behind these there are Nation states with cyber industrial scale espionage. Let me tell about this morning’s brief of house intelligence committee about Chinese cyber espionage.

These espionage activities over the years over foreign governments and military and over commercial intellectual properties of its competitors. Many networks have been penetrated by Chinese government or their agents, and just a tip of the iceberg- most companies have been hit by such Chinese attacks.

When we talk to these victim companies what we learn is that, there is this level of sophistication behind this hacking and cyber espionage that can only be organized by a State Agency. There is not much doubt that this massive cyber espionage is conducted by Chinese government”.

Chinese cyber economic espionage has reached an incredible level and United States and its allies have an obligation to put an end to this. Beijing is waging a massive cold war on all of us. Let’s plan together and put an end to this”.

A year ago, the Canadian university Research team that was tracking International hacking activity disclosed that there existed a ghost network of hackers who targeted third nation’s defense and commercial installations. Their conclusion was similar to what Senator Mark had said- that the high level of sophistication and the infrastructure this Ghost Network had been using are available only with governmental organizations. Since these hackers were traced to Hong Kong and mainland China, this implied that either the Chinese government was running this global cyber espionage and hacking- or it was hiring professionals to do this so as to disclaim involvement.

Most disturbing was the list of targeted victims of this Chinese hacking that the Canadian team tells has compromised and stolen data from- Indian Defense and satellite installations, movement of troops and logistics data from Indian army defense computers particularly in the North east and the anti-insurgency operations against the Maoists.Why would the Chinese regime be monitoring or requiring the anti-insurgency measures and the Security Forces’ moves against the Maoists?  Unless, such intelligence gathering through hacking are being used to forewarn the Maoists and help with their war against the Indian state?

The implication of Chinese interest in anti-Maoist and North eastern anti-insurgency operations and its details is clear. China is involved in the phenomenon of Insurgency movements appearing in those parts of India- and Indian administrations are unable to bite this bitter pill of truth.

 Red China’s Fifth columnists-media, NGOs

China in this global push has shown remarkable alacrity in mobilizing at its service a vast network of Fifth Columnists to sanitize and sedate the world regarding its image.It has to its succor opinion makers and iconic media personae to step in and justify its every move and quell alarm.Further it has this agile network of NGOs and activists who deploy themselves to shield and bail out its insurrectionist groups ironically as Human rights lobby.

This vast army also doubles as miners and sappers of every mega development project-be it a Hydro electric dam or a nuclear plant.It is thus not a coincidence that the most vociferous Maoist sympathizers are also environmentalists scuttling such projects.These Saboteurs of India’s economic growth also seek degrading India’s Nuclear capacities.

The Massive Build-up and Deployment

Military build Up

Lt General Bakshi in his defense analysis report however points to how China has outreached itself in its hostile build-up against India-

“Indian defence spending is at 60 Billion US dollars while even the official Chinese spend is at 75 billion Dollars annually which Pentagon categorizes as an underestimated figure.Pentagon estimates if R and D is included it’s at 140 billion US dollars a year. Just compare 30 billion with this 140 billion spend and build up. Look at the huge disparity and the gap in vulnerability here.

China has trimmed its vintage Air Force in quantitatively and replaced with 3rd and 4th generation fighter aircraft –some 2500 of them which will make the difference.We have just 500 and now we are at a quantitative and qualitative disadvantage. Bulk of Pakistan’s Air force, defence capital equipment is supplied by China. China also supplies nuclear warhead and missile blueprints to Pakistan.

They supplied the designs for the first Pakistani nuclear test in 1990; the data is available with us. They gave them the MI 11 missiles. Their strategy is to make Pakistan a surrogate state and keep us distracted and pinned in South Asia”.

Indian quandary

Paramilitary soldiers patrol at Jhitka as they move towards Lalgarh in the West Midnapore district.Rahul Bedi reports –“The reality is a lot worse than what General Singh has stated in his letter to the prime minister.

India’s night-fighting capability is virtually nonexistent. Over 70 to 75 per cent of its armor fleet, for instance, is incapable of operating in the dark. The army’s entire helicopter fleet too is night-blind. And the artillery is of poor quality because the range of the artillery that the Indian military has is roughly about 35 to 37 km (21.7 to 22.9 miles), whereas the range of the artillery of Pakistan and China is 40-km-plus (24.8 miles).

Even the new assault rifles that the Indian infantry soldier is supposed to use will take at least another three to four years before they are acquired. Shockingly, for the last three years the army has not fired a single 9 mm carbine because it does not have the ammunition. Similarly, the army has not conducted practice firing on its tanks — as it does not have ammunition. Artillery rounds too are in short supply.

The profile of the Army Aviation Core is pathetic. The helicopters they are using are from the 1960s and have been upgraded. But our pilots are amazing the way they fly these helicopters in the mountains. The acquisition of 197 light observation helicopters has been held up for the last 10 years. The last tender was cancelled in 2007 and was re-tendered, but it is still under process.As far as Air defence is concerned, the Indian Army is using air defense guns from the 1950s. It has not updated any of them, which were inducted soon after independence. Its radar network is very poor.

J-10 Fighters deployed in Air Base Near Sino-India-Nepal Border at Shigatze Air BaseJ-11 fighter fleets, air bases located on the high-land area. These images of J-10 fighters and Z-8 helicopter are perhaps pictured near an air field on Tibet plateau.

China once announced that AC-313 is the first indigenous copter to fly on high-altitude area except U.S. Black-Hawk. Mechanised mountain divisions and air power opens another invasion front for Indian Defence.

Traditionally India had been mostly invaded from the West.This was till European colonial powers gained over Maratha Naval power and India had long lost its ancient South Indian naval fleets.But in ancient times, it was Indian naval power that gave her both its prosperity and security.It expanded her cultural reach and enabled Indian colonisation of the Far East.With the loss of this naval power, it eventually succumbed to invasions by sea.

A vision-less Indian polity had grossly neglected the importance of securing again Naval edge- largely due to short sighted and narrowed down range of concerns to just around its coastal vicinity.In her tussle with rising red china- the danger therefore revolves around fixing these naval lacunae.India must rapidly build up its naval reach and might.

This would increase the confidence of the beleaguered south Asian nations bullied by China to become her regional allies and obtain her rightful position as region’s balancing super power.

Newly laid Infrastructure of encirclement strategy

In October 2009 China setup a so called quake monitoring station whose purpose was to monitor Indian nuke tests and military assets at Tingri-Tibet on Mt Everest foothill.Lt Gen. Bakshi continues to explain the enormity of the challenge in terms of the infrastructural gap-“China also has laid fresh railway lines right unto Lhasa where 8 trains shuttle every day.

There are plants set up from Nepal to Sikkim border which is a major threat.There are 6 major Air fields and 2 more rail lines scheduled by 2030-40 time frame.Within ten years they will have 60 airfields there.This level of infrastructure will enable an onslaught that will overwhelm all our counter strike capabilities.This constitute a significant threat that is coming up, and we need to look at this seriously”Naturally we cannot face this on a standalone basis but form alliances with other powers in Asia.Japan, South Korea, Vietnam. At the Asian level and at the global level-Australia, united states and so-called quadrilateral democracies mooted by bush administration”Arms supplies to Taiwan, the receptivity to Dalai Lama indicate a growing consensus and we have to manage together this.

If China can have exchanges with Taiwan then we too should have intelligence sharing and other cultural level exchanges with Taiwanese.Vietnam too must be a partner so that we are not seen alone, but all together facing Chinese might.

Bunkers and Silos

The Business Insider carried a story of how china is revamping the archaic caves that Mao had built in one of his unfeasible tactical goofs, turning them into state of art bunker airbases that would be difficult to take out in a conflict.Robert Johnson in his report of Feb 24 2012 China has 40 of these Underground Air Bases and they’re nearly impossible to destroy,” Iran’s subterraneanlabs have made news lately, but it’s China’s bunkers and reinforced underground hangars that have been on the minds of Western military planners for generations.China began construction of its 40 or so hidden bases in the 1950s and though some have fallen out of military use and are open the public as museums, many are harboring China’s newest air fleet.

Karakoram highway

China had ventured to supply 4 advanced air borne surveillance crafts-AWACs to Pakistan air force, the first of these named Karakorum eaglte handed out in 2011.The karakoram itself part of Aksai Chin which was Ladhak’s boundary under Maharaja Ranjit Singh.The British traded boundaries of this region with China to thwart its take over by soviet Russia and later china exploited these concessions as though they were Chinese territory.China later built a highway through Aksai Chin to occupy Tibet.Today it serves as a strategic link of Xinxiang with Tibet and heavily militarised.

In 2006 Google satellite imagery surfaced showing extensive encampment by china in this region, while Chinese sources admitted to a Tank training facility since 1998.Besides Aksai chin, Arunachal Pradesh was disputed which was what lead to Indo-china war of 1962.Pakistan had bartered Karakoram tract in Pak occupied Kashmir to china in return for Chinese largess and support.

Arunachal Pradesh

The claim of China over Arunachal Pradesh is based on legitimising its earlier aggression and occupation of Tibet which has its own long independent history as a nation.China argues that Arunachal Pradesh was a part of Tibet, before it occupied-while Tibetan occupation of this region was preceded by Ahom Assamese kingdoms ruling these regions for centuries. It has no similar historical links with Chinese history.Marxist historians piqued at increasing finds of ancient Hindu temples here strive ingeniously to connect it to Assam. Literary evidences associate this region way back to the Mahabharata and Parashuram and clearly to Hinduism and later Buddhism.

Un-Diplomatic Spats

China had been bullying diplomatically as well- it started issuing separate visas for Kashmiris and denounced the visit of Indian Pm to Arunachal Pradesh. It also objected to Dalai Lama’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh.It also handed out at press meets maps that showed Kashmir as a separate state. These systematic squabbles indicate laying the premise for a later conflict and dispute on the ground. Incursions As if to make a point, China periodically embarrasses the Indian government with sorties well inside her territory which the inept Indian government embarks upon playing it down. As a best illustration of what China and Nepalese surrogate Maoists are upto with Indian boredr states-Zee Tv reports on April 16th 2012 that Uttarkhand CM Vijay Bahuguna disclosing that the Chinese Army intruded at least 37 times into Uttarkhand in the past 5 years. He gives the breakup- “6 times in 2006,twice in 20017,10 times 2008, 11 times in 2009, 5 in 2010 and thrice last year” As if this weren’t enough, the Maoists have stepped up propaganda among peasants,students and workers of the state discrediting the government.

The CM also startlingly revealed that Nepalese Maoists have been working on their side of the border in tandem. “They have floated a front organisation Young communist league very active at Mahakali Anchal province of Nepal that claims Pithoragarh district’s Kalapani area as Nepalese territory, threatening to march into it”.They are mobilising People’s Liberation Guerrilla Units to push the Moaist movement to its ‘Fourth Stage’ of the movement he stated.

Outmaneuvering India out

China has been systematically outmaneuvering India in her own backyards.This is yet another legacy of Mao Thought- just like Mao himself showed how to play upon two rivals’ conflict of interest and extract the price by devious ploys. The fear of Stalin and Khrischev to engage directly American forces, would enable Mao to offer China’s own direct involvement provided Soviet union lend China the nuclear bomb.China successfully played upon the fear of ‘Indian hegemony’ with Nepal, Burma and now Sri Lanka to distance them from India and fall into its grip.

It further goads them to defy the West and reassures them while confronting their human rights issues-further isolating them and dependant on China.The ridiculous extent to which China will do this is best illustrated when the North Sudanese leader Bashir accused of gross war crimes and genocide was extended an invitation to visit China.On his long flight his plane was refused entry into their air spaces by a dozen countries on the way. When finally this war criminal landed in china, he was given a red carpet welcome breaking protocols- china was indeed making a statement, defy and you can be honored ally.Sri Lanka facing flak over its resolute but sloppy conclusion of LTTE insurgency has all along been edged- China supplied the hardware and Pakistan provided the training for its air force that proved decisive in that conflict.If we review the Lankan war we cannot miss the extent of Chinese involvement- India had been outwitted and left with no options at all.Even if India had intervened to halt the veli oya operation by sending troops, it seems China would have stepped in to test the waters of its future conflict scenarios with India directly.Soon after China has been building the Tricomallee base once an American naval base.

Resources shopping-A roadmap for Global Expansionism

China has been shopping for Resources from Africa to Australia. In certain categories it now owns almost 90% of its  global production. China has surpassed America in whole of Africa’s trade. It has come to own Oil fields and Mines that doesn’t reflect its future needs alone- but as a Strategic asset gathering with a clear roadmap for Global Expansionism.

Long term outlook of China’s India policy- writing on the wall

As things stand-the long term policy of communist china can only be hostile.Reason for this is the incompatibility of china’s own schizophrenic socio-political order-Communist in profession and capitalist in practise sans freedom and liberties that free markets engender.This increasing internal contradiction becomes more morally crippling if India is allowed to flourish as a democratic free market, to rise at par with a China beset with exactly such internal shortcomings.

Therefore the regime at Beijing that swears by Mao and Marx and lingers on presiding over a Free market economy denying its citizens the liberties that are a given at India – should naturally view with envy and wish ill a strong and prosperous India.

Reason behind hostility

The stark contrast of Free India alongside an anachronistic and despotic China acts as a stress.It feels more comfortable doing business with a similar autocratic and dysfunctional ‘democracy’ of militarist Pakistan.This contradiction is here to stay, till at least some semblance of internal democracy though multi party governance happens within China that is possible but not anytime near future.

For the Indian leadership to ignore this internal psyche of Red China’s regime would be to ignore the writing on the wall and walk into grave peril.

For the authoritarian regime at Beijing to feel secure- it is imperative that China sees to that Indian democracy is eroded, weakened and made dysfunctional.

India would then look with its withering democracy unattractive and unappealing to the Chinese masses.This is the rationale of its resurrection of Maoist and North Eastern ultra leftist insurrections.

To deny China any satisfaction in this is achievable.Through vigorous democratic participation, cleanup of its processes, eradication of corruption and inspirational role models drawn from the current generation.A simultaneous Consensus of zero tolerance towards Leftist extremist movements and discrediting of its foot soldiers and NGO’s who shield them should be in place.With the termination of insurgencies and internal dissent and Re-vitalisation of democratic machinery, China would be put in the dock.

Red China’s Web of deceit

Chinese regime is an enigmatic entity that has spun a web of deceit.

Mao was less concerned about Internationalist communist movement than his Chinese hegemony and influence around the world.In Mao the Untold Story by Jon and Halliday we surely glimpse the blue print that could still be the CCP’s India policy.In 2003 the PTI reported a British media leak of secret documents covering the India-Pakistan war of 1971 when East wing separated as Bangladesh.The leaked documents pertain to exchanges between the then Indian Prime minister Indira Gandhi, President Nixon his advisor Kissinger and the British PM Edward Heath.It was apparent that Mao had both Nixon and Kissinger eat out of his hands.The US administration believed that India was about to “dismember” Pakistan, the papers released at the Public Record Office in London, after 30 years of the 1971 Indo-Pak war, show.

The papers include secret transcripts of a summit meeting between US and British leaders in December that year.The papers show that US President Richard Nixon and his Foreign Affairs Adviser Henry Kissinger “suspected India of scheming not just the separation of East Pakistan, but the break-up of West Pakistan and even moves against the Pakistani side of Kashmir”.Nixon told the British that Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was being steered by the Soviets, in response to the building of ties between Pakistan and China.

Where could have Kissinger obtained this scintillating information about Soviet nudge?

When it was actually Kissinger say Jon and Halliday and document in their book that was promising Mao with sensitive information of soviet troops movements in Chinese border and all talks confidently held with soviet to Mao with solemn promise not to vice versa provide details of American talks with mao to the soviet side?

Where else but Mao himself whom they were courting so passionately- who simply played upon the guillibilty and eagerness of America to befriend China.That Mao was dragging in a Soviet incentive to Indian westward thrust into Pakistan becomes obvious when we read further this British secret document and its very next line-And Kissinger said Nixon had secretly contacted the Soviet leadership to seek an assurance it would restrain India from breaking up West Pakistan.

In other words-this undeservedly celebrated International political pundit wants us believe that Soviet Union nudged India to move westward and occupy Pakistan while in the same breath that with a word Kissinger dissuaded them as well as persuaded them to pressurise India not to move in.The absurdity becomes clearer when we read the rest of the document’s revelations-But it was only after the American Seventh Fleet took up a threatening posture offshore that the promise was forthcoming, the papers show.So after all it was Kissinger and Nixon’s moving the Fleet and risking escalation of cold war into another possible open confrontation with soviet union that would then come in along Indian side.

That shouldn’t be the case if Soviets had really been the party that was behind India’s decision to move westward into Pakistan and take over territory.Indira’s reply to British premier further belies this- that it was her own cabinet and the Indian masses that were mounting the pressure!Nixon and UK Prime Minister Edward Heath met in Bermuda as India and Pakistan fought their third war since Independence.

This was the war that saw a freedom struggle in which India played a helpful role against an oppressive military hierarchy in West Pakistan, led by general Yahya Khan, creation of Bangladesh under the leadership of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the flight of hundreds of thousands of refugees into India.But the transcripts of talks between Indira Gandhi and Heath, and of the Heath-Nixon summit in Bermuda, show it was more than that.

Gandhi, on a visit to Britain, told Heath of the pressure in her Cabinet for her to take Pakistani territory and not return it. India, she said, had seen Pakistan tying itself to China and now the United States also was establishing links with China, the papers reveal.Nixon’s friendly overtures to the Chinese, and their closeness to Pakistan, she said, had made it necessary for India to sign a treaty with the Soviet Union.Put simply- Mao had driven India right into soviet camp and America risk a confrontation that didn’t involve her interests directly via Soviet Union that had been actually disinclined to escalation of tensions and readily agreed for restraining India.This purblind fascination of American administrations for Maoist china continues to this very day.

At any rate it complicated and prolonged the cold war and paved the way for the Afghan invasion by the soviets who would have otherwise sorted it out with a friendly West.How this has cost America and the West dearly in spite of Afghan invasion’s leading to collapse of soviet regime is yet another perfidious American foreign policy that fed and fostered an Islamist  Pakistan that fathered the Al Qaeda and the Taliban all with American tax payer’s money.

China played to the hilt all through this American anxieties and fixation with the Soviets and cheered up this creation of a Frankenstein that is now Global jihadist terror.America was beguiled to believe that a heavily militarised Pakistan and breeding of militias was pivotal to soviet withdrawal, defeat and eventual collapse-while all this would have happened without any need of any of this if left to time-the soviet bloc communists were readily apostatising and abandoning communism.In stark contrast all along China and its CCP did nothing of the sort and retained its Mao, and the Marxist hardliners who simply crushed the Tiananmen uprising. This is unlike Gorbachev who let the perestroika pan out to its logical end.China extracted all that it could, not just retaining Communist stranglehold, but went on inspiring Maoist movements to spread and take roots in its neighbourhood decades after Soviet union had thrown out Marxism and stamped out communist parties embracing multi party democracies.

America today has to do business with Communist China in its own terms.It also is yet to really get out of the mess Mao had tricked her to get into with the rise of the Pan-Islamic anti Americanism and terror that had crippled it and tied down to wasteful wars without end all over the Islamic world.This is something Mao or soviet international anti Americanism and ultra leftist movements never could deliver.A mess that came as a cost due to over eagerness for normalisation with Communist China n preference to engaging the more trust worthy soviet bloc- the brainy line of Kissinger!

Today instead of defusing those tensions and helping America in its more lethal conflict with what it had been lured to sponsor and create with its own hands- China plays as an ally along its anti-Americanism propping up Pakistan and every other regime that is a headache from Egypt and Syria to Iran.CCP had been running with the hare and hunting with the hound all along- for Pakistan would have not gone nuclear without China supplying it with the wherewithal to make the bomb.Iran wouldn’t be going nuclear without Pakistan tactfully turning both into Proliferators of WMDs.

We are yet to see an analyst connect the dots and bring out the Chinese hand in all these drama.The show must go on, since it’s hard to admit mistakes. It gets harder still to admit that one had been fooled –but it io almost impossible to do when fooled so consistently and thoroughly.Like the other victims who wouldn’t like to acknowledge the threat like India, America and the west would prefer not to see the monstrous elephant in the room.

Maoist Mind Games

It is important we understand the working mind behind Mao and what followed at Beijing professing to disown his ideology.The ideology wasn’t communism but historical Chinese Han Imperialism.India did not have to suffer much from Mongol expansionism or much though the later Chinese Imperial history because of natural Himalayan barrier and the internally turned Empire.But 20th century modern mechanized army had taken away the natural barrier and Mao’s expansionist ambition had already taught us a lesson in 1962.If china had not repeated its adventurism –it wasn’t because of any fondness for peace with India.It was because of geo political compulsions and its more demanding internal conditions.Both of these factors have changed this equation in the post Maoist era.

Russia under an ex KGB hardliner and a xenophobic Putin had altered drastically the post cold war considerations.In one way we are closer to Stalin- Mao era of expansionism once again.What China seeks is a degradation of India as a super power and if possible brings about its disintegration.Unfortunately for china, its once viable ally and proxy in this cold war, is in deep crisis and danger of breaking up.It is not an if but when-Pakistan will breakup, and as and when this happens the bulk of Indian military mass will be released suddenly and propel India into a formidable and frightful rival of China and challenge.This should explain why China has positioned itself in anticipation of this-encircling India and besieging it internally.It seems China has factored a breakup of Pakistan-it might quickly pick  its share of the big chunks that will break away, to present India with the PLA in its western flanks- the build up in POK and Karakorum are in this line.The western front of India is rapidly becoming an epicentre of explosive International military theatrics.

Options before India

Disincentives to Capital shift and Incentive to relocate Manufacturing base .Boycott of Chinese products and preference over indigenous manufactures are quite justified when faced withal these unfriendly moves of China.What is more pertinent to the future socio-economic security of India should be Disincentive program by states towards Investments and shifting of manufacturing bases to china.

These Disincentives must be :

Cultural Diplomacy-

Weaning China from Maoist anti-Indian and Han supremacist doctrines can happen when younger generations of China are made to first look up to Chinese roots in Confucius, Lao Tse and Buddha.Indian spiritual teachers, Yoga and Meditation movements have an enormous role to play in this weaning of Chinese minds from materialism and Imperialism.Even Chinese rulers of today have acknowledged the contribution to Chinese Thought and Intellect by Indians who gave them Buddhism.The entrenched hostility and distrust is sure to give way by such spiritual missions to china.The present foreign Policy makers have grossly underestimated the value of the historic cultural links of India to the Buddhist world.India is remembered by the Chinese thinkers as a Spiritual teacher and land of enlightenment.China had been historically receptive to Indian spiritual thought as a way of life.Being at cross roads in post communist world order and looking for a new set of life values, beyond western consumerism which its disciplinarian ethics finds repulsive, today’s China could take to the Indian spiritual alternative with surprising ease and pace.Nehruvian pacifism, Fabian third world doctrines should have failed to impress China in his reach out for peace and friendship.But around that same time the Bharateeya Jan Sangh’s visionary leader Deendayal Upadhyaya has rightly pointed out this key to cementing strong alliances with Buddhist South East Asia and building bridges to pacify hostility as with China.

Deterrence through Alliance- Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, Australia and Japan

Having said that– the near term equations can be changed, only through formation of strong Strategic alliances- with all the other nations beleaguered by the bellicosity of a fast rising Neo-imperialist China.Trincomallee is being eyed by Chinese for a possible Naval base, after it secured Hambantota in what is clear in the above picture as an encirclement-Siitwe and Chittagong in the East to Gwadar port in the west.This common front is an imperative of China’s already made moves.The Tibetan cause mustn’t be allowed to be stone walled by Chinese rhetoric and intimidation.Human rights issues within mainland china are already one of growing western concerns and India has a stake in resolution of Tibet’s destiny.This increased pressure and restrain on Chinese regime actually helps the promotion of internal democracy within china and discourages Imperial jingoism.Indian options must also focus on the eventual dis-empowerment of communist apparatus and the ushering in of freedom and liberties for the Chinese masses.


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