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Sangh Pushes for Tribal Welfare with Missionary Zeal

Sangh Pushes for Tribal Welfare with Missionary Zeal

NEW DELHI: The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is on a new mission. It now wants to wean away India’s tribal people from possible influences of Naxalism and conversions by the Christian missionaries, through welfare measures.

The Sangh wants the government to shift its focus to the 10-crore tribal population who still fail to enjoy the fruit of development. In a first, RSS’ frontal organisation, Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, has come out with a vision document featuring administrative action required for the development of the tribal people.

The document has suggested significant policy interventions such as a National Tribal Policy, dedicated cadre for tribal areas, constitution of Third Scheduled Areas and Scheduled Tribes Commission for the community’s uplift.  RSS says its volunteers have already been working among the tribal people. “In the past, some of the government policies only allowed either traders or the Churches into the tribal areas,” a Sangh functionary said.

The vision document, which may serve as a list of recommendations for the Narendra Modi government, will be released on Monday in presence of high-profile ministers of the Union Cabinet.

The vision document of Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, an RSS wing, which may serve as a list of recommendations for the Narendra Modi government for the welfare of the tribal populace, will be released on Monday in presence of high-profile ministers, including Rajnath Singh, Jual Oram, Birinder Singh, Prakash Javadekar, Jitender Singh. BJP chief Amit Shah and RSS leader Suresh Bhaiyya will release it.

The 90-page document says it wants to strengthen the tribal research institutes to act as repositories of knowledge on all aspects of history, culture and life of tribals.

The other significant suggestion in the vision document is to strengthen the Governors of the states with significant tribal population. A special tribal cell could be set up in the Governor’s office in the Schedule Five Areas. “This shall also make the constitutionally mandated institution of annual report o n condition of janjatis that governors in schedule five areas have to submit to Parliament more effective and less ritualistic,” the document said.

In terms of improving the social and economic indicators, the document suggests agriculture production be increased, more scholarships for students, skill development, proper health and nutrition for tribals.

While referring to mining, joint general secretary of VKA, Vishnukant said it should be balanced between development and welfare of tribals. “The displacement and dispossession of janjatis is minimised, policy of no second time displacement of any person are followed in good faith,” he said, adding that they be given adequate rights over the minor forest produce.

VKA says it has reached over 50,000 villages, covering 50 per cent of tribal areas. It has 1,200 full-time workers and claims to be carrying out 4,000 educational programmes and 3,500 health-related works.

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