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Siddhi and Riddhi – The Wives of Lord Ganesha

Siddhi and Riddhi – The Wives of Lord Ganesha

In some Hindu cultures, Hindu God Ganesh is considered to be a bachelor. But there are some cultures in which he is a family man. Siddhi and Riddhi are the wives of Hindu God Ganesha. There is an interesting story which narrates how Ganesh Got Married.

As Ganesha had an elephant-head no girl was ready to marry him. While all other gods had a consort he did not have one and this angered Ganesha. He started creating problems in the marriages of Devas. He asked rats to dig up holes on the path through which wedding procession of any Deva would go to the bride’s house.

The Devas faced innumerable problems in their weddings. Fed up with the activities of Ganesha, the Devas complained to Brahma, who agreed to solve the problem.

To please Ganesha, Brahma created two beautiful women named Riddhi (wealth and prosperity) and Siddhi (intellectual and spiritual powers). Brahma gave them in marriage to Ganesha.

From that day onwards whoever pleases Ganesha also gets the blessings of Siddhi and Riddhi.

Ganesha had two sons in Riddhi and Siddhi – Shubha (Auspiciousness) and Labha (Profit).

Ganesha’s daughter is Santoshi Mata (Goddess of Satisfaction).

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