Thursday 30th May 2024,
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Swami Radhakant Vats : A Sanyasin DharmaYudha Against Adharma

Swami Radhakant Vats : A Sanyasin DharmaYudha Against Adharma

DSC_0089In this day and age where Adharma prevails especially in the country of India where once the chants of the Vedic mantras used to echo. In this adharmic atmosphere where many Hindus have lost hope of any resurgence of dharma, there are still many doyens of dharma who are holding the light to the world thus illuminating everyone around them.

One of these enlightened souls is Swami Radhakant Vats. He is a Virakt Hindu (Vaishnav Sanyasi) of Shri Nimbarka Sampradaya of Vaisanavism and a person of great many talents.

After having cleared his high schools examinations in 1967, Swamiji got ordained in the Nimbaraka Sampradaya during which time he also pursued the Ayurveda or traditional Hindu medical practice after completion his formal Ayurvedic degree of Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medical Science (BAMS). Today Swami ji is running a gaushala where he houses about one hundred non milch cows, calves bullocks and abandoned oxen; which otherwise would have been slaughtered. Most of these cows are rescued from abattoirs who buy them from Hindus not willing to serve these abhanhyas (one who can’t be harmed as per the Vedas) once they have served their purpose.

However this is only one aspect of Swami ji’s work. He is a firm believer in the institution of shuddhi (conversion of Non-Hindus to Hinduism) and has personally supervised and helped the transition of several non-Hindus to Hinduism through ritual and eventual follow up the new entrants to Dharma as well as financial support.

Till now Swami ji has conducted several shuddhis and several marriages in accordance the saastras  and smritis. Swami ji is also a Ayurvedic practitioner and treats diseases using the traditional Hindu medicines, yoga, etc. He has conducted Ayurvedic research and developed cure for several serious ailments.

Swami ji who is in his mid sixties doesn’t fail to enthuse those around him with his joyous nature, exuberance and a dharmic approach towards every sphere of life. He has had to face massive opposition from several quarters, including life threatening attacks, all because of his contributions to dharmic work. None of this however deterred him from carrying on the saffron flag of dharma and helping all those in need. We wish him well and pray that the Gods keep on assisting him in his wonderful work and inspire us to do similar work for the sake of Dharma.

Swami ji is the National President of the Cow Protection Board of Hindu Mahasabha and the President of the Delhi unit of National Cow Protection Sangha (Rashtriya Gauraksha Sangha) and has been involved in several protests and movements for the protection of cows and several Hindu Human Rights related issues. Swami ji can contacted on the following mobile phone number

+91 926 888 9017.