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The Making of ‘Secular’ Modi

The Making of ‘Secular’ Modi

The recent happenings in NIT Srinagar is the best example of how BJP practices secularism in the veil of Hindu nationalism. The row erupted in NIT, Srinagar when non-kashmiri students hoisted tricolour in response of celebration of India’s defeat against West Indies. When situation turned callous, police were called which had to lathicharge on the students who were chanting ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai.’ It’s one of the unfortunate incidents in history of our nation when culprits are protected while innocents are beaten. Kashmir has been always on the point of explosion but BJP has always promised to turn the situation.

When people wanted to get rid of secularism of Congress, dynasty rule, enormous corruption and most importantly they wanted a shift in the paradigm; they voted for Narendra Modi. It has been character of BJP to do exactly opposite of its ideology when it gets the power. It has the tendency to forget its ideological roots in pursuit of being labelled as secular and progressive. The government of Atal Bihari Vajpayee gave people glimpse about the real character of BJP and as a result, BJP was thrown out of government in 2004 despite performing well on economic front.

It’s often said that the people who don’t learn from History, they’re destined to be doomed by History. BJP has the tendency to forget the lessons of history again and again, and people teach them a lesson only to be forgotten after getting power. There was enormous hope from people’s side that Narendra Modi will be the prime minister who will change the paradigm but that appears as a dream only. BJP has always advocated itself as a party which champions the Hindu cause along with nationalism which is based on idea of Hinduism. However, BJP doesn’t adhere to its ideology when it gets the power.

The way Narendra Modi is turning himself in a secular prime minister so swiftly has left many people puzzled. When a mob comprising more than one lakh Muslims stormed in Malda, West Bengal, there was a deafening silence from the central government. Ministry of home affairs woke up after three days only to announce that they’re not sending any team to investigate this incident as law and order is a state subject. Narendra Modi government has been exceptionally softer in dealing with Mamta Banerjee while Modi had always talked against Mamta Banerjee during his 2014 Loksabha election campaign. The investigation in case of Sharda scam was deliberately slowed down while top leaders of TMC were involved in this case.

Narendra Modi was so far known for his political incorrectness and not submitting himself to secularism. To gain few votes of Muslims, he stopped his speech during Azan while he had refused to wear skull cap earlier. It should be clear to BJP that Muslims won’t be wooed by such gestures rather it will drive the core vote of BJP away. When Narendra Modi attended Sufi Congress in Delhi recently, he made a comment in which he called Islam means peace. That was pure political correctness and the comment was nothing to do with fact because in the strict linguistic sense ‘Islam’ means ‘submission’ while Islamic history suggest that Islam is a religion of anything but peace. He applauded the great tradition of Sufism as an ideology which harbours peace and spiritualism without realising that Sufism is the soft power of   Islam which was one of the most insidious weapon in converting Hindus into Muslims in History.

The train of secularism of Modi didn’t stop here and went on to confirm a myth which was propagated by Islamists. He tweeted that Cheraman Perumal went to Mecca and embraced Islam. He didn’t realise that he is confirming a myth which will only strengthen the mission of Islamist in their eternal mission of conversion. Submitting himself to the secularism and calling Islam a religion of peace was too much rewarding for him as he got the highest civilian honour of Saudi Arabia. On the policy front, he has continued the legacy of Congress and has done almost naught to solve the issues which Hindus are facing today.

The latest one is the incident in NIT, Srinagar which proves how real is the nationalism of BJP. BJP is in power in Jammu and Kashmir as well as in centre yet the students who chant ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ are beaten by Jammu and Kashmir police. It’s foolish to assume that the state government was unaware of actions being taken by the police. Deputy CM of Jammu and Kashmir who is from BJP shameless claimed that it was an issue of internal conflict in NIT Srinagar.

In the attempt of proving themselves secular, BJP has forgotten the core of its ideology. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee sacrificed his life for integration of Kashmir with India and nationalism but BJP can’t embrace nationalism because it’s not fashionable. The soul of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee would be just watching this characteristic of his own party from heaven meekly. BJP has delivered such beautiful tribute to the ideology of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee. The students of NIT Srinagar have been repeatedly asking for the security for a week but home ministry neither deployed CRPF nor Indian Army. There are some news coming in of deployment of CRPF but it’s not confirmed yet. Smriti Irani who was in much grief due to suicide of Raohith Vemula hasn’t issued any statement so far.

The events suggest that Mr. Modi will not wake up because he is trying to uproot himself. It’s often said that power makes you deaf. Narendra Modi has become deaf now but people do have weapons to show you the consequences of deafness. To succeed in any endeavour, people have to focus on their strength but BJP takes its core voters for granted without paying any heed to their concerns. BJP has always advocated for abolishing Article 370 but it seems to have forgotten when it came in power. It’s time to wake up and learn from history else people will bury Narendra Modi in the pages of History in 2019.

Satish Verma

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