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USA: ‘Won’t pray to false god,’ Republican members abstain from Hindu prayers

USA: ‘Won’t pray to false god,’ Republican members abstain from Hindu prayers

When Hindu leader Rajan Zed went to North Dakota House on April 2nd to open floor session with a Hindu prayer he faced an unusual situation. Several Republican members protested Rajan Zed opening the session with Hindu prayers.

Lutheran pastor and freshman Rep. Jeff Hoverson of Minot stayed at the back silently protesting against the Hindu prayer as he said that he did not want to ‘pray to a false god.’

He was joined by other reps. who stayed back sulking and only returned after the prayer was over.

Jeff Hoverson wrote a letter, as published by KFGO, to Legislative Management stating that “in the preamble, we are grateful to Almighty God for our blessings. This God, was the Judeo-Christian God; as was the religion of our US Constitution.”

Hoverson further stated that for these reasons, he was saddened ‘that a Hindu was invited from California to attempt to lead us in prayer and he also said that he was not aware of ANY Hindus in the House.’

Jeff Hoverson then added that North Dakota is tied with South Dakota for church attendance in churches that believe that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way of salvation.

He then requested ‘that you honor our constitution and traditions in North Dakota.’

Earlier, Hindu Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard had explained that she too had to face bigoted attacks because of her faith.

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