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VHP to rebuild houses, shrines damaged in Nepal earthquake

VHP to rebuild houses, shrines damaged in Nepal earthquake
ALLAHABAD: VHP today said it would offer extensive support to quake-ravaged Nepal by helping to rebuild residential houses, temples and shrines which have been flattened by the devastating temblor.

The VHP will also bring orphaned children from the country to India and provide for their education and upbringing at its numerous educational institutions spread across the country.

“The VHP will provide free boarding and education to Nepalese kids who have lost their parents in

who have lost their parents in the earthquake. We will bring them to our 150 residential schools and 50 orphanages spread across the country.

“Hundreds of thousands of children, deprived of parental care due to similar tragedies in the past, have so far been rehabilitated at these institutions and now they are looking forward to a good life,” VHP International Working President Pravin Togadia said in a statement while on 

his way to the Himalayan nation.

“Besides, the VHP will help the people of Nepal in rebuilding their houses so that they could start a new life after having endured so much of pain.”

The VHP will also help restore, to the extent it is possible, the damaged temples, shrines and heritage sites for which Nepal is known the world over, he said.  He also appealed to corporate houses and common people to support the VHP in its endeavor.

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