Tuesday 06th June 2023,
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Video : India : Teachers Tear Up Lord Rama’s Picture, Ban Tilak and Jai Sri Ram !

Video : India : Teachers Tear Up Lord Rama’s Picture, Ban Tilak and Jai Sri Ram !

Hindus continue to face persecution in India the abode of one billion Hindus where Hindu students at the Vansthali Public School in Delhi faced gungadin teachers called Anoop Rawat and Ravi tearing up pictures of lord Rama, cutting their sacred threads and punishing them further for wearing tilaks and saying Jai Sri Ram !. #JaiShriRam

It’s also claimed a third teacher called Ritu makes you run around the school as punishment if you say, Jai Sri Ram !! . 

Actually, it might be a good thing if you are training for MMA, kalarippayattu, Indian wrestling, and Hanuman Baithak-squats which Hindu Kids should be all encouraged to do as physical training is also part of the Hindu identity.

Even under the ‘Hindu’ BJP  a whole army of colonized admin rooted during the British period still control the whole academic, media, and political establishment while the Hindu community sits there totally impotent while getting told by their pseudo-Hindu swamis and gurus that ‘Hinduism is about running off to a cave in the Himalayas to become sadhooo eating ladooo as the world is all maya-illusion so don’t worry karma will take care of everything’ . Otherwise, if real Hinduism was taught, then this school would be closed down, and these teachers hiding in the Himalayas instead permanently.

It’s good to see school schoolkids, parents, and some Hindu orgs standing their ground and protesting to put pressure on the school who according to some reports have U turned its Hinduphobic policies and put the teachers on some verbal suspension. But we don’t think anything is going to change unless Hindus make sure the change happens in mass numbers and action on the ground.


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