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Why Blame L***- J**** but blame your own weak ‘Hindu’ Identity

Why Blame L***- J**** but blame your own weak ‘Hindu’ Identity

“Told My Daughter We Are Hindus, Aaftab Is Muslim, Cannot Accept Relationship. She Walked Out Saying She Was No More Our Daughter”: FIR by Shraddha’s Father Vikas Walkar

Being Hindu in name doesn’t make you a Hindu in substance which is something these Hindu experts often confuse.

The many cases even we know of ‘Indians with Hindu names’ regardless if they are females and even males who get lured into these traps don’t even know the ABC of Hinduism so have a very weak identity to start with built around Holi/Diwali dance party every year, probably knowing one or two mantras but having no clue what they mean but made worse with overdoses of cheesy Bollywood romance cringe, So they become even weaker..

Remember you have Bollywood actors naming their kids after mass genociders of Hindus like Timur which is like someone naming their kids after Adolph Hitler in Israel which you can’t even imagine in your imagination let alone in real life. But in India with a billion Hindus you can. This is how pathetically weak these Hindus are.

Years back when a few Islamists confused us as one of them had given us a leaflet where it said Hindu and Sikh Girls are easy to lure because they are brought up on Bollywood and have a weak culture.

But guess what ? that’s the truth…as we know Hindus who are brought up with a strong and assertive Hindu identity don’t fall for traps like this but the Bollywood hindoo cringe crowd do.

So do you think the parents of this woman even know the ABC of Hinduism itself? doubt it.  Did she know that Hindus have faced some of the worse genocides throughout history ? nope and because there are no memorials or let alone the millions of Hindu temples that don’t even have an exhibit or even painting educating the masses of past or even present-day Hindu persecution. And this Hinduism is it ? The blame goes fully on these billion Hindus and their billions of excuses for not taking any action.

We hardly mention the words L***- J**** because it only boosts up the image of the opposition as the greatest gift since Casanova who we see laughing at these Hindus crying and mocking the Hindu males who according to them can’t even attract their own women because the women find their ‘confident assertive’ Arab wannabe males more appealing.

And we often hear from Hindu females that apart from a few Hindu males most come across wimps and mummy boys which we can even see with all these Twitter Hindu celebs with their big bellies and ranting 24/7 but never take any real action on the ground. .

The reason along with Hindu males we had so many Hindu females at our HHR protests or talks at universities in the past was that we had an assertive and confident Hindu identity. That’s the cure.

So why blame the opposition when you yourselves promote such a weak image in the first place and where ever you are, you are under attack, mocked, and lured but end up twitter ranting to the laughter of the opposition.

And again this is happening in a country of a billion Hindus also.

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