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Malaysia : Why is a Islamist Party suddenly finding Hindu temple offensive?

Malaysia : Why is a Islamist Party suddenly finding Hindu temple offensive?

MCA has slammed a PAS (Parti Islam SeMalaysia) assemblyman for proposing that a Hindu temple be relocated to protect the sensitivities of the Muslim community in Kajang, deeming it “ridiculous”.The Star today reported that Bangi’s elected representative Shafie Ngah had sent a letter to Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim for the Sri Maha Karu Mariamman Hindu temple in Persiaran Bangi to be relocated for several reasons.This included the location and size apart from protecting Muslim sensitivities.The letter was also sent to the temple committee, land office, Kajang Municipal Council and the state Non-Islamic Affairs Committee chairman Datuk Teng Chang Kim.

According to the English daily, Teng said the letter was merely a suggestion and pointed out that Shafie had endorsed the temple’s request for funds.MCA Religious Harmony Bureau Deputy Chairman Ng Chok Sin wondered why PAS was “suddenly finding” the temple’s structure to be offensive when it had been there for 125 years without any objection.

“Their agenda to implement hudud is already seen as divisive and liable to destroy the racial unity that we enjoy in Malaysia.

“Yet it seems this is not enough for the party because now it is attempting to push Hindus out of areas where they have resided hitherto with this latest proposal,” Ng said in a statement today.

The Selangor MCA secretary added the Islamist party had previously wanted to ban cinemas in Bangi.This was in view of the fact that about 97% of residents in Bangi were Muslims who preferred attending religious and educational classes.Ng urged Khalid to state his stand on this issue as it was improper for PAS to order its relocation.

“The Selangor government must answer to the Hindu community in Bangi why their rights to a place of worship is being denied.”


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