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Yezidi and Rainbow Warriors

Yezidi and Rainbow Warriors

Melek Taus, the Peacock Angel or Peacock King is the Supreme deity of the Yezidis. But he does not just appear in Yezidi faith, he is worshiped by the entire world and by the entire spiritual planetary system. The Yezidis have one of the oldest living religion in the Middle east, the ancient faith that was first founded by Melek Taus at beginning of time, and from all other religion are related through.

Melek Taus is both the supreme god Vishnu or Krishna, who created emanation of himself called Melek Taus from seven rays of rainbow at beginning of time. He was brought into manifestation in order to give the invisible, transcendental Supreme god Vishnu a vehicle in which to create and administer the universe. In order to assist Melek Taus, Vishnu also created from the same rainbow six other rainbow warriors called Kumaras who were like Melek taus was emanation of Vishnu and not separate from him.

At the beginning of time their was no universe just the spiritual planetary systems of Gods and Goddess, Melek Taus was first to emerge from darkness in form of the seven rainbow light, he first manifested as rainbow around the sun. Lord Krishna created a pearl or cosmic egg containing the substance of the soon to be earth, for forty thousand years Melek Taus manifested as peacock containing the seven colors of rainbow and Sat upon the pearl. This pearl then exploded into the seven rays of rainbow to become the physical universe. From each of seven rays , the seven rainbow kumaras manifested. Melek taus manifested from color blue, because blue is the color of sky and heavens, and is source of all colors.

The seven kumaras are also associated with the seven days of creation and their planetary influence. The first day which Vishnu created was Sunday, on this day he manifested as Krishna, who then preceded to manifested as his final avatar Murugan, who then become Sanat Kumara, and Amitibha.

Once the seven kumaras was created the earth was then produced by them out of the substratum of the remaining pearl. The earth remain barren and then suddenly entered a phase of intense continual shaking. In order calm the earth Melek Taus ascended to earth to both sedate the earth and bless it with seven rainbow colors. As Melek taus descended to Earth physical dimension his seven rainbow self manifest as peacock. He the flew around the world in order to bless every part of it with seven rays, before landing in Lalish. Here he was able calm earth covering it with seven his rainbow rays.

The seven kumaras proceeded to their next creation, creating mankind Aadim or Adim. Adim is Sanskrit word meaning first. Aadimwas created by each of the seven rainbow rays , by each of the Kumaras who endowed Aadim with spiritual and Physical sense. The most important was soul given by Melek taus, by breathing the divine fire into him.

After Melk Taus and six kumaras work wa done on earth they ascended into the heavens were they become the seven tars of Pleades.


The most important avatar in Yezidi of Melek taus is Murugan also known as Sanat Kumara or Skanda. Murugan is the son of Shiva and Shkti. Murugan is king of universe and moves through his domainas as young boy stride a peacock, or simply appears as a peacock, and serpent and rainbow.The rainbow is cosmic energy that Murugan uses as emanation of himself in order to create universe, it is light of god that heralds the end of darkness. The serpent denotes that the essence of Murugan is kundalini force and cosmic fire of human sexuality. Murugan is leader of divine army of heavens, he is also Sanat kumara he is leader of six kumaras .

These Kumaras are Rainbow beings created from seven rays of rainbow, who job is to assist Sanat in creation of universe and enlightenment of mankind. Another name for Murugan is Karttikeya, which is derived from Krtika, a name for Pleiades. When Krtteya was born on earth he possessed seven heads, one for each star of Pleiades, but he lost one them and now he has six,. In Yezidi cosmology our solar system rotate around Pleiades, and the sterism is the point of creation.

Spiritual energy from more refined universes is channeled through Pleiades, in form of seven ray of rainbow light, the star Alcyone encodes the energy with purpose and shape that it will assume in our three dimensional universe, that is channeled through third eye.

The Yezdis also refers to the Pleiades as rainbow serpent or rainbow dragon. With seven heads, tails that encoded all energy and colors of rainbow. The rainbow serpent is son of god Eli or Elwho was born at beginning of time from male and female energy manifesting as spiraling energy, this energy created Tritya prakriti or people of third sex, which manifested from seven rainbow rays of light.

Amitibha, the peacock riding Buddha who sit upon a peacock throne in heaven called Sukhavati who takes rebirth as king of world. In Shambala, land of immortals. Shambala is spiritual kingdom hidden in tibet which at one time was part of Airya Vega, that can only be seen through mystic vision or third eye by sages, and saints and mystics, it is designed as eight territories or lotus petals and is heart chakra of universe. In the center of the planetary, the king of shamballa Amithha set as world soul, who energy is challed by mystics as planetary logos in form of seven rainbow rays, here Amithha merged his soul with that of earth and seven rays of rainbow. He keeps the universe together with Atam that manifested as seven rays of rainbow, which he use as creative force to govern the universe.

by Nallein Satana Al-Jilwah Sowilo

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