Saturday 27th May 2017,
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Brain & Consciousness: Neuroscience Aligns with Vedic Wisdom

Brain & Consciousness: Neuroscience Aligns with Vedic Wisdom

Guest speakers discuss the following questions: What can we understand about the layers of the mind? “Who” is the thinker? Is consciousness located in a specific part of the brain? How do some of the latest findings about the brain connect with the Vedic Tradition?

Talk 1 : Dr. Karen Shanor
Ph.D., Clinical and Neuropsychologist, Lecturer at Georgetown University, former White House consultant, Advisory member for Discovery Channel’s Global Education, author of The Emerging Mind.

Talk 2 : Professor Subhash Kak, Ph.D., Head of Computer Science Dept., Oklahoma State University, with expertise on information theory, cryptography, neural networks, and quantum information. Vedic Scholar. Author of Mind and Self: Patanjali and Cognitive Science.

Talk 3 : Dr Karl Pribram, M.D., Internationally Renowned Neuroscientist, Stanford University Professor Emeritus, Professor at Georgetown University, author of Languages of the Brain, and Brain and Perception



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