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Is Yahoo Controlled by the RSS ?

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Is Yahoo Controlled by the RSS ?

According to a yahoo article accusing Mahatama Gandhi for allegedly taking all the credit for India’s Independence , being a racist and a pedophile has met with some interesting conspiracy theory comments like this ‘Yahoo proved it is an institutional of RSS dirty publicity’



History’s Greatest Myths

yahoo2Mahatma Gandhi and the liberation of India. In reality, Gandhi, and the non-violence movement itself were just small aspects of the greater liberation movement taking place in the country at the time. It is widely agreed upon by experts that India would have received liberation with or without Mahatma Gandhi. So, no, he wasn’t single-handedly responsible for India’s independence. He just so happened to be way better a figure for the press than other freedom fighters of the time. To add to that, he was incredibly racist and known to be a pedophile. ‘  https://uk.news.yahoo.com/photos/history-greatest-myths-170903580/mahatma-gandhi-and-the-liberation-1452059714257.html



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