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So What Is a Hindu Rashtra ? All Explained

HHR September 6, 2017 World Focus Comments Off on So What Is a Hindu Rashtra ? All Explained
So What Is a Hindu Rashtra ? All Explained

Before you think ‘Hey where’s the article ? is it a tech problem ?  the text is not downloading ? or is this all a joke.?

Well actually its none of the above because the blank article is making the point itself about the non stop chants over the years from Hindus shouting hoarse ‘we want a Hindu Rashtra’ or Hindu state but none of them since independence have even bothered to create and promote a Hindu based constitution/laws to replace the current anti Hindu Indian one.

But then instead they leave it to the Hinduphobic fascists to define a Hindu Rashtra as some Hindu Taliban version of the country .

So who knows what a Hindu State would even be. What are Dharmic laws are or legalities that would define a Hindu state ? or do the Hindus think just call the Indian anti Hindu state > Hindu< and it automatically becomes a Hindu Rashtra ? We are open to everyone’s views on what is a Hindu rashtra and we will add them here on this blank article.




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