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Sri Lankan Peninsula Road Expansion will Demolish 27 Hindu Temples and Monuments

Sri Lankan Peninsula Road Expansion will Demolish 27 Hindu Temples and Monuments

Jaffna, Sri Lanka (CHAKRA)– Many Hindus and Hindu cultural organizations are shocked after hearing about plans to demolish around twenty-seven Hindu temples and ancient cultural monuments, as a result of a road expansion program in Jaffna, Kankesanthurai.

Many organizations are voicing their concerns about the threat to Tamil cultural symbols under the guise of a development process.

The Sri Lankan government has entrusted a Chinese organization the task of reconstructing four major road stretches in the Peninsula.  A Chinese organization was given was selected over local contractors to undertake the new construction plan.  Hindus are doubtful of this decision and are questioning the choice.

All Ceylon Hindu Federation (ACHF) has taken steps to help prevent the demolishment of twenty-seven Hindu kovils and cultural monuments under the developing process of Peninsula—KKS main road.  ACHF has met the Governor of the Northern Province, Major General G.A. Chandrasiri and has requested them to take alternative steps to prevent the demolition.

Government ministers have failed to address this issue and concern.  Tamil Ministers or Tamil Parliamentarians have not taken any steps to halt this construction.  Those same Ministers are the ones who on any other occasion take responsibility and credit for any source of development in the North and East.

Out of nine Tamil Ministers representing the Peninsula, not one has taken a stance against the development plan or even brought it up for that matter.  Local Hindus feel that those who identify themselves as the leaders of the Tamil people are showing a blind eye.  As a result, the general Tamil population is feeling hopeless and has lost faith in their representatives.

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  • this is mind games with the Hindu Tamil population…

  • this is mind games with the Hindu Tamil population…

  • I state again and again Singhalese Buddhist Sri Lanka has destroyed over t12000 HIndu Tamil Temples in North and East of Sri Lanka which has been the traditional Tamil Homeland for millenias! After the Victory 3 years ago, Tamils, Hindus and theirRead More

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