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Former Commissioner of USCIRF Condemns Obama’s Remarks On India

Former Commissioner of USCIRF Condemns Obama’s Remarks On India

The irony is that Obama himself had been accused and bashed of being Hindu by right-wing Christian fundamentalists when he talked about his lucky Hanuman pendent. And he was further attacked by the left for his yeh dosti Sholay-style relationship with Modi especially when he first unbanned him from the US when in power. They were often seen discoing together to the latest grooves at Studio 54. But then if he’s going to talk about ‘Muslims’ in India who in reality are not even a minority in that region then his own past of bombings of the middle east with 100s of thousands of dead doesn’t make him look more like Gandhi than Gandhi. He’s probably trying to cover his own tracks by diverting the attention to India.

The point is India is the largest remaining and surviving group of indigenous people in the world and does not have to be apologetic to Abrahamic supremacists with their global criminality of mass genocides, slavery, and forced conversions of other indigenous people whose ancient civilizations are in museums.

Former US President Obama’s remarks with reference to ethnic minorities’ rights in India has drawn fire. In an interview with CNN, Obama said, “Protection of Muslim minority in a majority Hindu India is worth mentioning” to PM Modi. Barack Obama’s remarks came during PM Modi’s US State Visit, when both sides were lavishing attention on bilateral ties. Reacting to the same, Former Commissioner of US Commission on International Religious Freedom Johnnie Moore stood in India’s support.


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