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American Sociologist Exposes Obama The Tool For US Establishment

American Sociologist Exposes Obama The Tool For US Establishment

As pointed out the video that Obama is not alone in his ridiculous remarks but is only reflecting the American establishment agenda. Remember the US Christian lobby also did play a big part in getting Modi banned and is in bed with Islamists who then influence and fund the political, academic, NGOs and US political class against India.

This also shows how useless Hindu orgs in the US especially those who take millions in funding haven’t made a scratch against anti-Hindu networks which are so easy to expose. They think doing garba and taking pictures with politicians at the Whitehouse makes them important. This is why its time to set up professional think tanks and academia with specialists who know how to operate in the mainstream to expose the Hinduphobia in the country.

American Sociologist Salvatore Babones Exclusive Interview On Obama’s Muslim Remark A day after Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman criticized Barack Obama for his comment on Indian Muslims, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday also took a jibe at the former US President. During PM Narendra Modi’s recent visit to US, Obama, during a media interview, said if ethnic minorities are not protected, there is a strong possibility of the country “at some point starts pulling apart”. Obama’s made the remarks during an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour and said “the protection of the Muslim minority in a majority Hindu India is something worth mentioning” by US President Joe Biden to PM Modi.


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