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Full Circle back to Hindu Dharma

Full Circle back to Hindu Dharma

That forceful energy that surrounds Hinduism has always attracted me, but I didn’t know that I needed something else before I was ready to be exposed to such mystical truths.

Some years ago, some might say by chance, I say by intention, I came across an American motivational speaker. At this point in my life I was cynical about the American self development

Self-Help Guru Tony Robbins


It was presented as hype with no hope that would eventually self combust. However, something told me to open my heart and read up on him.

spiritual doors I did and through that door opening many more opened. Doors that up until a few weeks ago didn’t exist. I learnt about mind psychology, the laws of nature, the illusion called the world, mysticism and many more names were given to me for further research. I spent almost two years reading and implementing all that I was learning.

Although, I became a pressure cooker, because the process was frustrating, as I knew there was something much greater than my reality could currently comprehend that I couldn’t find.

krishna with his student Arjuna

krishna with his student Arjuna

When the student was ready, the teacher definitely did come. I was reading a book on wealth creation, written in the early 1900’s and I got to the bottom of the page when my heart stopped, eyes froze and time stopped ticking.
The author wrote, ‘to understand the philosophies I am about to impart, Wallace Wattlesunderstand the fundamental Hindu law that all is one and one is all’. At that moment, I realised that every moment means something. And that was the moment that would change the course of my life. Words began running through my mind and it occurred to me that I could not have started learning about Hinduism, first without the aid of Hindu philosophy disguised in Western train of thought, because I would not have seen the real value.


Secret knowledge of Hindu Scriptures

Those years of studying self development, were actually years of studying Hinduism. All the philosophies and practices originated from Hinduism and India. The religion once misunderstood by the West as primitive and superstitious, is the same religion and tradition that the West has embraced and has become a multi-million pound industry. And I along with every Hindu in this world was sitting on the gold mine all along.

Hindu Temple of Gold

By Nidhi Bhatia

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