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Govt school kids score over Bill Clinton’s delegation with Vedic Maths

Govt school kids score over Bill Clinton’s delegation with Vedic Maths

JAIPUR: It was unbelievable for the 150 students of Government Praveshika Sanskrit Vidhyalaya at Sanganer to see a white man whom they identified differently as ‘Amrica Ka Pradhan Mantri’, ‘Gori Aadmi’ and Angrez Sir serving chapattis and subji (mid-day meal) on Wednesday afternoon. Among them, only very few knew that the man in question is the former president of US, Bill Clinton.

He came here along with a 25-member delegation, most of whom were donors or from big business houses who visited the school to see the distribution of mid-day meal after seeing the cooking at Akshaya Patra foundation kitchen in Jagatpura.

For 20 minutes, Clinton and his team served food to students. He greeted every student with a smile and enquired about their health and studies. The delegates were also seen mingling with students while clicking pictures and allowing them to take photos. Some students even shared food with the delegates.

Here the former President and the delegates were amazed to see two Class X students of a government school solving a mathematical calculation using the Nikhilam method of Vedic Maths even before many delegates could do it on calculator.

Spellbound over their fast calculations, Clinton asked-Ashish Dubey and Amrita Kumar — to get in touch with his foundation through Akshaya Patra for any assistance required for their education in future.

“Receiving praise from once the world’s most powerful man has made this day the biggest in my life. Since I was told about his visit, I read a lot about his political career and humanitarian work. I wish our politicians to follow his footsteps,” said Dubey.

During the programme, Clinton was touched when he was offered a gift for her pregnant daughter Chelsea and her unborn baby. Talking to media persons, he said that “I am very much exited to become a grandfather.”

Akshaya Patra Foundation chairman Madhu Pandit Dasa said that the visit would serve two purposes — foremost is that Clinton wanted to see the kitchen which feeds lakhs of students and second is to showcase the social work to 25 delegates who are donors.


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