Friday 24th May 2024,
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Video : Hinduphobia and HHRphobia : The Unlikely Pair

Video : Hinduphobia and HHRphobia : The Unlikely Pair

Our plans to take on and expose the whole of Hinduphobic racist Academia/Media are often messed up by self-appointed Hindu experts who often hijack our work to end up snatching defeat and bad tooth decay from the jaws of victory, as one of our HHR Researchers in this video exposes. Watch till the end before jumping to conclusions. Thanks

Part 1: Hindu Twitteratri intellectual Kshatriyas caught out thieving HHR Research.

ie: Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

Part 2: Hinduphobia is not a ‘Hindutva’ invention
: It was already in use during Queen Victoria’s reign who was a hinduphobe herself.

Part 3 : Why academia should recognize Hinduphobia and how to do it.
ie : Why Rajiv Malhotra should retract his coinage of Hinduphobia as it gives ammo to the Hinduphobes

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