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Hinduphobic Contender for UKs New Prime Minister Championships

Hinduphobic Contender for UKs New Prime Minister Championships

Brexit has created a vacuum in the Conservative Party leadership. The resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron after the referendum on EU membership has allowed various members of his party to bid to replace him as leader not just of his own political organisation, but the country. Among these is the Welfare and Pensions Secretary, Stephen Crabb. A relatively unknown compared to the others in the contest, Crabb’s entry should nevertheless be of concern to Hindus. When it comes to India and especially Hindus, both Left and Right, Labour and Conservative, have the same colonialist and racist residue of the White Man’s Burden.

They feel the need to civilise the Hindu ‘savage’, especially from that oppressive caste system – as if inequality and social hierarchy has never existed anywhere else. Crabb’s own political history has such skeletons which are not so much in his closet as on proud and brazen display.

His past close working association with right-wing extremist groups such as Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) and their Indian quislings should be cause for concern. These include praising Kancha Ilaiah, the director of the Centre for Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy at Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) in Hyderabad, who has made his career on baiting Hindus using racism and conspiracy theories. Crabb has never disassociated himself from such views. While he has spoken up for Muslim and Jewish communities facing discrimination, he has not done the same for Hindus. Indeed as just mentioned he has been part of the discourse which uses them as a scapegoat for India’s poverty and much else. Any attempt to enter dialogue with Mr Crabb which challenges this has been ignored or rebuffed.

Hindus should therefore think very carefully about supporting a Conservative Party led by Stephen Crabb. Underpinning his prejudice against Hindus and treating them in a manner which would be unacceptable if it was any other community, are his narrow religious beliefs which may see commonality of Christianity with Judaism and Islam as fellow monotheistic paths, but have nothing but utter contempt for the pagan and polytheistic beliefs of Hinduism.

 Methodism, Monetarism and Marx

Now while all this was going on the leadership contest enjoyed the participation of someone who is regarded at present as an outsider to lead the Tories. Stephen Crabb has been MP for Preseli Pembrokeshire in Wales since 2005. He has also been Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, since March 2016, was previously a government whip, a junior minister for Wales and the Secretary of State for Wales. Crabb grew up in what can be termed a dysfunctional family, where his mother eked out a living on a council estate having separated from her violent partner, leaving that abusive marriage when the future MP was just eight years old.

He has spoken in interviews of the “horrible decisions about what food and clothing was affordable” as he was growing up. Crabb has related with admiration of how his mother as a single parent was able to wean herself off state support, and become independent, and thus not get caught in the welfare trap and economically downward spiral which it has so often caused. As well as the kindness of friends and neighbours, the local church often supported the family at Christmas. The children were taken diligently by their mother to the library on Saturday and church on Sunday. Indeed to this day Crabb remains a committed Christian, something which influences his politics perhaps more than he would care to admit. Especially when it comes to unbelievers like Hindus.

Methodism, that brand of Protestant Christianity which emphasises “social holiness”, missionary zeal, charity and service to the poor and vulnerable is often assumed to be on the Left; Harold Wilson declared that the Labour Party “owed more to Methodism than to Marxism”. From the eighteenth century, Methodist preachers took the message to labourers and criminals who tended to be left outside organized religion at that time.

In Britain, the Methodist Church had a major effect in the early decades of the making of the working class. In the United States it became the religion of many slaves who later formed black churches in the Methodist tradition. But an austere Methodist upbringing and a deep lifelong faith also shaped Baroness Thatcher, whose own father was a preacher in that Christian faith. As a child, Margaret would sit in the pew listening to her father hammer home messages on the Protestant work ethic, God-given liberty and individualism. Indeed as with Labour and Marx, Thatcherism always owed more to Methodism than it ever did to monetarism.

In the 2014 edition of Methodists for World Mission, Linda Crossley and Jill Baker wrote “Starting a Journey into Dalit Solidarity”:

No surprise then that from the colonial period the Methodist Church in India has been very active in targeting poor and Dalits, claiming that Christianity could offer them the equality which Hinduism has always denied. They obviously ignored the rising unemployment and social gap caused by the daughter of Methodist preacher Rev Roberts, who became prime minister of Britain.

Crabb’s Crusade

Crabb himself insists his Christian beliefs have instilled in him a duty to help “the vulnerable”. He worked as a labourer in Newport docks during his summer holidays while a student at Bristol University. But while still a child he saw the streets in his town transformed by Thatcher’s right to buy scheme, by which former council tenants became home owners. Seeing this prime minister’s policies as smashing down antiquated class barriers set him on the road to Conservatism, and not the traditionally working-class party of Labour.
On his faith, Mr Crabb said at the Conservative Christian Fellowship annual meeting of 2015:
Crabb lamented how secularism had delegitimised religious beliefs and pushed them to the margins in the name of multiculturalism:
“In an age where society is characterised by enormous loneliness and fragmentation, Church needs to be a place that stands on the side of community, relationships, and reaching out.”

Mr Crabb has said God’s care for widows and orphans in the Bible is his “guiding star for social policy”. Hence it was with evident glee that the powerful Christian media outlet Premier announced on 29 June 2016:

He told the Mail on Sunday:
“There’s something unattractive about politicians who wave a flag called faith, but at a personal level it’s important for me. “The Old Testament talks about ‘widows and orphans’ – shorthand for the poor and vulnerable.
“Not a bad guiding star for social policy. Jesus Christ oozed compassion.”
Crabb was an intern at CARE in the 1990s. Now CARE stands for Christian Action Research and Education. CARE has received media criticism for its stance on abortion and homosexuality, especially in believing that the latter can be cured. On 17 May 2008, writing in the pro-Conservative Party newspaper Daily Telegraph, David Modell exposed the nefarious activities of CARE as well as similar right-wing extremists:

Christian Action Research and Education (Care) has borrowed the tactics of America’s religious Right in its attempts to affect policy. Care describes itself as a “mainstream Christian charity bringing Christian insight and experience to matters of public policy”. A closer look at its website appears to contradict the claim to be “mainstream”. The organisation’s published doctrinal basis is distinctly fundamentalist and among other things talks of “the divine inspiration of Holy Scripture and its consequent entire trustworthiness and supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct”. In other words, the Bible is the literal truth.

Lyndon Bowring, the charity’s executive chairman, is on the board of Kensington Temple, one of London’s largest Pentecostal organisations. He is also on the board of Care for the Family, the European arm of Focus on the Family. Focus on the Family is one of the largest and best-resourced pressure groups of America’s religious Right, and it is not coy about its fundamentalist agenda. Its mission statement talks of “defending the God-ordained institution of the family and promoting biblical truths worldwide”.

Like similar groups in the US, Care runs a parliamentary “intern programme”. Interns are provided free to sympathetic MPs. They will work closely with the MP, doing research and helping to run the office. This additional staff member is worth thousands of pounds. There are currently 12 MPs, mostly Tories, who employ Care interns. The most powerful is Caroline Spellman, vice-chairman of the Conservative Party.
Now for the really interesting part in all this:
The intern programme isn’t only about rewarding friendly Christian parliamentarians, it’s part of a plan to build a new generation of committed Christian politicians. The idea is that the interns will go on to become MPs furthering the Christian agenda. They have already had a degree of success. Stephen Crabb is the Conservative MP for Preseli Pembrokeshire. He started his career as a Care intern, but you won’t find mention of it on his website biography. Mr Crabb now enjoys the assistance of his own Care intern.
Addressing the concerns in 2012, Mr Crabb confirmed that he had received interns from the scheme while an MP. However, despite criticism of CARE, he refused to distance himself from the group when asked. If something like this ever happened in India with a Hindu equivalent you can be sure that this would be denounced as ‘saffronisation’. Not least by the likes of Mr Crabb and his rather disturbing friends.
Stephen Crabb’s Cure for the Hindu Disease

While much of the focus on Crabb and his links to right-wing Christian extremists has been that of being against same sex marriage and believing homosexuality can be cured, in reality this subsumed another nasty demon lurking in Crabb’s past. That of supporting vociferous anti-Hindu elements.
Stephen Crabb is not the first person to tread that well-worn path of making Hinduism ad reductio into nothing more than superstitious morass of caste oppression, cultural backwardness and idol worshipping ignorance. However his bid for the leadership of a party that has seen a surge in support from among Hindus should be of concern. As the caste lobby with their Marxist and evangelical missionary backers pushed through attempts to make caste discrimination illegal if Labour won the last election, there was as a result a significant defection from Labour to Conservatives by Hindu voters. But what this masks is when it comes to Hinduphobia, there is precious difference between political Left and Right, or Labour and Conservative.
On 27 May 2016 Mr Crabb wrote glowingly of British Indians in the Asian Lite:

The number of Indian people working in Britain is now at a record high at over 800,000. This impressive statistic tells a story about the enduring contribution that the 1.26 million-strong Indian community make to British life. Of course, this is part of a wider story. The UK and India have a unique friendship, as the world’s oldest democracy and largest democracy, and Indian culture has helped shape the identity of modern Britain.

India is a country of special interest to Mr Crabb, as it was to his hero William Wilberforce. Indeed in 2015 Crabb gave the annual Wilberforce address to the Conservative Christian Fellowship.
Well, we should remain extremely thankful that we face nothing like the pressures, restrictions and persecution so many Christians around the world face on a daily basis. It is estimated than an average of at least 180 Christians around the world are killed each month for their faith – and the current violence suffered by Christians in Nigeria at the hands of Boko Haram or in some Indian states with the growth of a radicalised Hindu nationalism is frightening.
Why is Crabb linking this radicalised Hindu nationalism in the same bracket as Boko Haram? There are no Hindu equivalents of Boko Haram. It becomes clearer when we read the rest of his speech:
Far from being an enemy of the tradition of tolerance and liberty that marks Britain out in world history over the last 500 years, Christianity has been a foundation stone. And we should live up to that heritage.
Indeed, Wilberforce’s love of freedom, his recognition of the dignity of all humanity, his desire for an end to the injustice of seeing people treated as subhuman – as tradable commodities – because of the colour of their skin….
… All of that sprung directly from his deep, fervent Christian faith… his troublesome, inconvenient, scandalous faith in Jesus Christ.
Actually that is not strictly true. Wilberforce wanted the abolition of the slave trade because it took the African out of his natural environment. He did not want the abolition of slavery. Indeed he believed in eternal social hierarchy and exclusion of the masses from political decision making. This was in harmony with his hardcore Christian beliefs. If Wilberforce had had his way Mr Crabb would not even be able to vote. But all this matters little when it comes to myth making around Wilberforce. Nevertheless this cannot hide the glue which binds Wilberforce and Crabb to India; the desire to get rid of Hinduism. That is the real troublesome, inconvenient and scandalous faith which Wilberforce had – and which Crabb seems to share in full measure.
In 2007, Stephen Crabb visited India in his capacity as chair of the Conservative Party’s Human Rights Commission.
Last Tuesday we sought to present this evidence to Foreign Office Minister Geoff Hoon MP in a debate where I found myself being supported by the likes of Jeremy Corbyn MP in calling for the Government to use our friendship with India to help bring justice to India’s 200 million Dalits.”

As mentioned when it comes to Hindus, the Left and Right unite in an unholy alliance. Witness again that only Dalit representatives were allowed to speak. While CSW and their allies such as Stephen Crabb and Rob Marris denounce India’s anti-conversion laws, they compromise their own supposedly sacrosanct freedom of conscience by muzzling and censoring any Hindu input.
On 8 May 2007, Mr Crabb was in full swing in this attack as he spoke in Parliament:

Well in that case I am sure that Mr Crabb will have no problem if I refuse to shy away from exposing what his real agenda has been in all this and also recognise the ‘friendship’ in that. CSW is an organisation that has used the issue of caste and Dalits as a convenient stick to attack Hindus. Any attempt at dialogue is met with blockage of all correspondence – a tad ironic considering how much these extremists hammer on about anti-conversion laws in India that stop well funded missionaries from exploiting famine, disease and poverty to push their ideas on unwilling victims.

Crabb is very keen to be associated with CSW, a hate group which in 2006 invited Dr Joseph D’Souza from its partner in Hinduphobia, the AICC (All India Christian Council) to speak in London’s Victoria, where he denounced Hinduism as the worst religion in the world. It was evil and demonic. The Dalits must be won over for Christ before the Muslims got to them. This is not guilt by association. Crabb has been active with CSW, even appearing in the film they show and sponsor, Rev Michael Lawson’s India’s Hidden Slavery.

In fact this slavery was so ‘hidden’ that they did not even need secret cameras to film it. Try doing that openly at certain warehouses in Britain and you will feel the brute fist of onsite security and possibly state law enforcement. The film in which Crabb appears also speaks of India’s Aryan invasion. Yet our seemingly jovial MP seems to also have no qualms about appearing in a hate video which revamps Nazi racial theories in order to further its aims at converting India and curing it from the Hindu disease which infects it.

“I went in February with a critical mind, keen to separate the challenges common to many developing countries in south Asia from specific examples of discrimination or human rights violations resulting directly from caste-based identity. During my short trip I was presented with an enormous array of evidence of persistent, systemic human rights abuse on the basis of caste, which results in the life chances of Dalits being severely curtailed. It is a practice that goes back perhaps 3,000 years and continues in many forms in the world’s largest democracy, whose constitution and body of law does not just outlaw discrimination on the basis of caste but contains specific legislation to protect scheduled castes and tribes.”

Well if it was such a critical mind, why did Mr Crabb not highlight the American Baptist funded terrorists which have banned Diwali in India’s north eastern states of Nagaland, Meghalya and Mizoram? Also this sinister mention of 3000 years is no mere innocent statistic. It is again an affirmation of the outdated and racist Aryan Invasion Theory, invented to justify the rule of whites over other races.

Crabb mentions how anti-conversion laws prevent Dalits leaving for Buddhism, Islam and Christianity. Now while he later says that caste should not just be linked to Hinduism, this pathetic attempt at retraction is neutralised when he specifically mentions the four Hindu castes and also about conversion to those aforementioned faiths. The implication is clear. Hinduism is inherently unequal and oppressive, but other religions like Christianity offer equality.

It gets more disturbing:


I recently met a well-respected Dalit activist, Dr Kancha Ilaiah, who stressed to me that religious freedom is a vital right in the struggle for self-awareness and identity among the Dalit people, but that that right can be severely curtailed through legislation and social pressures. 
Well-respected? Asking Ilaiah about Hinduism is tantamount to having the Ku Klux Klan speak at Black History Month. The works of this bogus academic are full of invented myths and conspiracy theories about Brahmin plots, Aryan invaders oppressing Dalits and the real wild one about cremation being invented by Hindus to cover up the genocide of India’s aborigines. And this is someone that Crabb is happy to not just associate with but offer full respect? The cover of Ilaiah’s book ‘Why I am Not a Hindu’ echoes the vile racist pornography of Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher in his Der Sturmer. But this aspiring leader of the Conservative Party apparently had no issues being associated with this type of hate?
In an interview with Christianity Today from 2005, the racist propagandist which Mr Crabb refers to as “well-respected” made these comments:

So I have been saying and writing in one of my books that Hinduism is a kind of spiritual fascism because the Hindu books say that Aryans wrote that, and Nazi Germany Hitler believed he belonged to an Aryan race. 

So the symbols that Hindus and Aryan Germans are the same, the swastika and the concept of a few people always being superior to the other. And these women’s equality is very seriously affected. In this all women are considered the Sutras, the feet born. So therefore women could never become spiritually equal or valued humans not even equality but they were not even valued in the spiritual realm. So Hinduism is a very spiritually fascist system and because of that our country has suffered in many ways. 
So a possible future prime minister and leader of the Conservative Party is happy to count as friends figures who come out with statements like that? It must be remembered that if Crabb wins, the Hinduphobia which is already a problem will become enshrined and elevated to a level not seen before. How else can one interpret the words of a man who calls Kancha Ilaiah “well-respected”?
But Crabb is undettered. To continue with his attack on Hinduism from within British Parliament itself:
Dalits who embrace Islam or Christianity lose their eligibility for the benefits of the reservation policy that reserves certain jobs in the public sector for Dalits. State level anti-conversion laws are an increasingly prominent way of obstructing freedom of religion and are in force in seven states; further laws are expected soon. I would welcome hearing the Minister’s thoughts on the use of anti-conversion legislation in India. What discussions have he or his colleagues had with the Indian Government about such laws and does he think that they are compatible with the ideals and aspirations of the new India?
Well with all due respect Mr Crabb, if caste is a Hindu problem, and Dalits want to convert to leave it so badly, why by that logic should they receive benefits? He has just admitted that this is not a Hindu problem but one of social and economic environment. In terms of anti-conversion legislation why did Mr Crabb and others exclude Hindus from all such discussions? That hardly accords with freedom of speech does it? It does harmonise with his belief that Hinduism is the reason behind poverty and oppression in India and only Christianity can be the cure.

It is interesting that in these discussions Mr Crabb was supported fully by Labour MPs Rob Marris and Jeremy Corbyn, both active with Dalit organisations which openly parade their Hinduphobia. Marris took great exception to having his association and links to CSW, Sikh separatist and other organisations exposed in an earlier article on Hinduphobia to the extent that we were sent rather nasty, threatening messages demanding that some of the material be retracted. This is how the anti-Hindu lobby work the so-called democratic process.

They hammer on about anti-conversion laws but make damn sure that Hindus cannot argue back. When it comes to Hindus, it makes no difference if they are atheist and hard Left such as Marris and Corbyn, or right-wing Christian extremists like Stephen Crabb. It is all part of the White Man’s Burden to get rid of the heathen beliefs of backward Hindus. Just like Robert De Nobili, ‘Saint’ Francis Xavier, Macaulay, Wilberforce, Marx and a host of other western cultural chauvinists have always done. Whether it is Christianity or communism, the same monotheist demiurge is always there. This god is not a spiritual being. It exists as a theory and one which has to be forced on others who are too stupid or stubborn to appreciate it.

Crabb as Apologist for Jihad

When the anti-Semitism in the Labour Party became rife under Corbyn’s leadership, his defence of terrorist groups became too obvious to ignore. To the patriotic unionists of the Conservative Party, Corbyn broke all accepted behavioural and professional boundaries by standing honour of eight members of an IRA gang who had been shot dead by the SAS in Loughgall in 1987, and demanding the withdrawal of British troops from Ulster. Soon after the Brighton bombing of 1984, in which the IRA tried to blow up the upper echelons of the Conservative government, Corbyn invited Irish Republicans to Parliament.

Many in Crabb’s own party were thus incensed at Corbyn becoming Labour leader. Following jihad attacks in Paris, the Labour leader said that the only way to deal with the threat from Isil was through a political settlement to Syria’s long-running civil war. He has referred to terrorist group Hamas as his “friends”. He supported the jihad and genocide against Hindus in Kashmir as “self-determination”. But it is in this latter part of jihad that Corbyn the arch supporter of Irish republicans and Stephen Crabb the Thatcherite have another meeting of minds. In that same 2015 Conservative Christian Fellowship conference, Crabb explained that extreme secularism was pushing Muslim youth to join ISIS.

He said it was not a good situation if a young Muslim growing up in east London, Cardiff or Luton only saw their faith being mentioned in mainstream British media in connection with death and violence.
His comments were seized upon by secularist Benjamin Jones in a personal blog published by the National Secular Society (NSS). Jones rubbished Crabb’s “nonsensical claims” that religion in the UK is persecuted.

“Crabb’s lurid claim that secularism fuels extremism is false not least because state secularism does not exist in the United Kingdom. Religion retains traditional privileges and tremendous elite-level influence disproportionate to its following in wider society.

On 22 January 2015, Crabb visited the Muslim Council of Wales in his bid to help build harmonious community relations in the wake of jihadi attacks in France:
“There are challenges around anti-semitism and Islamophobia. Even though the level of incidents in Wales is very low in comparison with other parts of the country, any incident at all is unacceptable in a society which cherishes freedom of speech and the ideals of liberalism.”

While this is commendable, does it not who a serious case of double standards once again? Crabb is keen to disassociate Islam from terrorism, and yet is not so willing to delink caste issues from Hinduism. He brings in Muslims and others into discussions for issues that affect them, but excludes Hindus while blaming them for caste discrimination, atrocities and general inequality in India. But then it is easy for him to relate to a brother monotheistic faith rather than unfathomable polytheism.

It is merely a revamp of Winston Churchill’s brazen hatred of what he termed ‘caste Hindus’ and his support for the creation of Pakistan. When it comes to Hindus, even the monotheistic rivals know when to bury the hatchet. It is in this vein in which Crabb wants more religion in Britain but less of it in India.

Or should I say less of the ‘wrong’ religion. Anti-Hindu activists such as Kancha Ilaiah and Joseph D’Souza, as well as a host of Marxist outfits, Dalit groups their right-wing Christian allies are keen for India to remain ‘secular’, which means that all things Hindu are edged out of public space. Meanwhile aggressive missionary tactics are defended in the name of this very secularism by demagogues such as John Dayal and his All India Christian Council. In India, secularism means personal law for Muslims and Christians, rather than a common civil code.

Would Crabb be so keen for this to be adopted in Britain? Kancha Ilaiah, the man which our friend Mr Crabb has lauded in Parliament itself, has even called for the banning of Diwali. How would Mr Crabb react if Hindus were to demand the banning of Christmas in Britain?

If Crabb feels that Muslim youth are turning to ISIS because they keep getting fed in the mainstream media that Islam is linked to violence, where does he think that will take Hindus if people like him are constantly reducing Hinduism to just caste oppression?

Indeed there has been no corresponding Hindu counterpart to ISIS, unless of course we inhabit the dystopian alternate universe of the Crabb klan where apparently unidentified radical Hindu groups are as evil as Boko Haram. If our jovial and well educated friend and MP thinks secularism in Britain is pushing Muslims to radical jihad ideology, then by logical extension where does he think that will lead Hindus in a Hindu majority country who have to have the anti-Hindu brainwashing known as secularism forced down their throats by Crabb’s close friends in CSW and their collaborators such as Kancha Ilaiah?

Britain’s Hidden Slavery

As mentioned Crabb has appeared in Rev Michael Lawson’s hate video called India’s Hidden Slavery, which has long been promoted by CSW. This piece of propaganda and anti-Hindu muck raking purports to be trying to create a social awareness of how Hinduism oppresses Dalits. Again in this film Crabb emphasises how he is a ‘friend’ of India in trying to tackle this insidious form of apartheid.

Well by now I am sure we are all familiar what type of ‘friend’ Mr Crabb is. In trying to give it some sort of cuddly philanthropic gloss, the type of spin he and his ilk are executing is horrendously similar to the attempts by Dr Hendrik Verwoerd to explain away the very real apartheid in South Africa as being “good neighbourliness”. Of course apartheid came from the same devout Christian faith which Stephen Crabb professes: Verwoerd’s parents were Dutch missionaries, DF Malan was a dominee in the Dutch Reformed Church whose Calvinist Protestantism provided the theological foundations of apartheid, and racist South Africa was seen by America’s evangelical Christian Right as being in the forefront battling God’s cause against the anti-Christ forces of atheist communism.

In the hate video emphasis is put on the social disparity in India, with the blame squarely laid at the Hindu caste system. Hinduism has caused this whole problem since those nasty Aryans came 3000 years ago and forced the indigenous people to pick up human excrement with their hands. But in same vein how would our friend Mr Crabb explain the increasing social cleavage in his native Britain.

This would be especially the case in his native Wales which has suffered massively from the decline of old industries causing poverty, unemployment and social deprivation. In the meantime a revolving door or CEOs, company directors, MPs and assorted ‘fat cats’ grow rich with stratospheric levels of prosperity dubbed by one commentator as ‘Richistan’.

It is ironic and with dark humour that Stephen Crabb, who has been so keen for Dalits to get benefits in India, that when he was in a position to do something about social deprivation in his own native country, he decided to do the exact opposite. In April 2016, Crabb replaced the unpopular Iain Duncan Smith as welfare secretary in the Conservative government. IDS had gone full throttle with making cuts to people in the worst stages of poverty, especially the long term sick and the disabled who had least resources to fight back.

People were deemed fit to work as they lay literally on their death beds. Disabled people were committing suicide under thre stress and prospects of being left homeless and destitute. Unperturbed by all this social debris, IDS pushed ahead with making government cuts for the poorest. Of course if a person is dead from poverty, that means more savings for the exchequer. And they did not even have to pay to get rid of that ‘scrounger’. In fact they could congratulate themselves that the suicide was the ultimate example of self-help and personal initiative.

 Crabb’s arrival did not alter this policy. Yet this is the man who was so concerned about all that caste oppression and poverty in India. He continued with the policy of universal credit to make people work under compulsion, even if they could not. For good reason this was compared to the harsh reality of the Victorian workhouse where the ‘undeserving’ poor were sent as the only alternative to starvation. On 14 May 2016, Sue Jones wrote this in Welfare Weekly:
“Remarkably, Crabb has claimed that disability benefit cuts are among policies “changing things for the better.” However, if cutting people’s income is such a positive move, we do need to ask why the Conservatives won’t consider taxing wealthy people proportionately, distributing the burden of austerity more fairly amongst UK citizens, instead of handing out money for tax cuts to those who need the very least support, at the expense of those who need the most.”
Instead they along with the rest of Britain’s ‘untouchables’ and ‘Dalits’ referred to as chavs, scroungers, spongers and other delightful terms are expected to apply for non existent jobs. Even Mr Crabb was forced to admit that social mobility in Britain was diminishing:
Yet he voted for cutting employment and support allowance for the disabled, leading protestors to gather outside his office in Pembrokeshire calling for him to resign as patron of the local branch of disability charity Mencap. Jim Scott of Pembrokeshire People’s Assembly Against Austerity said during his speech:

Millions in Britain face a life of poverty not due to the welfare trap so beloved of Crabb and his predecessor IDS, but due to having no choice but to take work in zero hours contracts. Praised by Crabbs’s own party and free market think tanks as being flexible labour they hide the ugly truth of harsh conditions, lack of health and safety, lack of progression and in many cases lack of even paid hours in horrendous conditions.

These are favoured most notoriously by Sports Direct and Amazon, setting up in areas where other industries have declined and there are lack of opportunities. Instead of tackling this, Crabb’s party has pushed those already on social margins by cutting state support to throw them on the mercy of powerful corporate entities that can use their buying power to lobby for tax breaks for the richest.

So what or who to blame for this endemic and increasing poverty? In India’s case Crabb is adamant that it is caused by the Hindu caste system and that conversion to Christianity, Islam and Buddhism will solve this. But if that is the case then why does he ignore his own back yard? Britain has been Christian since indigenous paganism was violently uprooted over the last 2000 years – a process which CSW and the All India Christian Council, Rev Michael Lawson and Kancha Ilaiah hope to repeat with Hinduism as the last surviving large body of paganism. But that does beg the question as to why Crabb’s apparently perfect religion with its emphasis on helping the poor has not been able to solve this issue on these small islands which we inhabit. I mean seriously how long does it take a supposedly perfect religion to get its act together?
Crabb starred in a documentary where Rev Lawson could openly film ‘slavery’. Yet in places such as Amazon and Sports Direct warehouses, hidden cameras are needed to film the horrific slave like working conditions in Britain. That is not even the worst of it. Human trafficking is said to supply the sex industry in the UK. But larger numbers are used, under the free movement of people in Europe, to traffic victims to work as slave labour on construction sites, factories, warehouses, and agriculture. That is not India, but Britain today. Is Crabb going to blame that on the caste system?

As mentioned Wilberforce did not want to abolish slavery, but only the slave trade. In any event the actual slave trade was abolished for economic reasons not because of Christian compassion or humanitarian reasons. The free market and liberal economics were said to be more effective then the protected trade cycle of mercantilism. Slavery in the British Empire became indentured labour, using a new form of slavery and slave trade.

As the British destroyed industries to make India into an impoverished wasteland to feed British manufacturing, people escaped the ensuing famine and poverty to work on the former slave plantations in Guyana, Mauritius, Trinidad, Jamaica and new ones in Fiji and South Africa. Tied to contracts for five years and suffering brutality, disease and death while in transit, this was just a new form of slavery after its supposed abolition. In America it took a civil war to end slavery in what was the most staunchly Christian part of that country, known even today as the Bible Belt. Even here abolition of slavery only meant its revamping as peonage, and the convict labour of chain gangs in this the evangelical heart of America.

These are inconvenient facts which our good friend Stephen Crabb seems keen to ignore. But as he is poised to try and lead the governing party of Britain it is important that we know these important facts, hard as they may be to accept. His interest in India is not about alleviating poverty, but like his hero Wilberforce to see it as an opportunity to find conversion fodder. The age old racist colonialist stereotypes are far from dead. With someone such as Mr Crabb in charge, there is great danger that they will entrench themselves even more in the mainstream. Being concerned about Dalits is just an excuse to denigrate Hinduism and fulfil Wilberforce’s ambition of cleaning India of its indigenous culture with a monotheistic vice grip which judging by church attendance, is being fast abandoned in Britain. But when you are constantly victimising a people and regard their culture and beliefs as something to be extinguished, the last thing you are going to want to do is socially engage with them in a respectful manner. Hindus should bare this in mind before blindly voting Conservative.

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