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How A Sikh Defines ‘Hindutva’

 A thread on Hindutva – by a Sikh. The basics 1st >> Hindutva is an etymologically, lexicologically & historically more accurate term for Hinduism (which is not an ‘ism’ in the 1st place). All Indians are technically Hindutvadis if born in/of/to the crucible of Indian culture

Next – but what exactly is Hindutva ? 1. It is an anti-colonial indigenous rights movement which seeks to revive Indic indigeneity + 2. therefore, by extension, the very definition of ANTI-fascist, ANTI-supremacist & ANTI-colonial.

 Hindutva is a compassionate, empowering, unifying & humanistic worldview. It existentially challenges supremacist religions who thrive on mind control, dictats & the outsourcing of swa-dharma / logic / compassion to an all-conquering god, rather than ones own head & heart >>

 Those who portray Hindutva as anything but the all-embracing, humanistic, liberal (small ‘L’) worldview that defines Dharma – but which is now sheathed in an iron glove – are either deeply ignorant of or wilfully misrepresenting Hindutva. Neither of which is a compliment.

 Hindutva abhors caste (which = European class superimposed onto Indian society). It doesn’t tell women what to wear. It asserts the primacy of mother nature. It dignifies LGTBQ+ friends. It treats ‘minorities’ as human beings, not votes. And it puts the common citizen first.

 At its beating heart, Hindutva is premised on heightened rationality & deeply evolved science – which is then ensconced in a panoply of beautiful traditions, hues & colours. The problem with Hindutva today is simply the misrepresentation of it – not what it actually is. >>

Yes – Hindutva is also Kshatriya refreshed; it takes fascism/supremacism/vested interests head on, with an iron fist. As a child of Guru Gobind Singh ji, nothing is more innately intuitive to the drishti & sankalp of Sikhi than that of Hindutva, The two are one & the same.

This thread was written in response to the tedious / inane misrepresentations of our beautiful mother culture. All Sanatanis should consider supplanting the word ‘Hinduism’ with Hindutva. It is a much more accurate & indigenised term & a step closer to using Sanatan Dharma.

By Abhaey Singh

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