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Jammu : Vaishno Devi Area full of Meat & Liqueur shops : Hindu Groups Concerned

Jammu : Vaishno Devi Area full of Meat & Liqueur shops : Hindu Groups Concerned

Jammu, February 18, Bajrang Dal J&K and Vishaw Hindu Parishad have serious concerns over the running of Non vegetarian hotels and wine shops in Katra.

In a statement issued to press said that Bajrang Dal asks Distt administration of Jammu to ensure that no meat shops are operated near vicinity of temples in Jammu city. Timings of opening and closing of these shops should be governed. Naga of Tuesday for meat shops should be implemented strictly. Department of labour should strictly enforce Naga of Tuesday for meat shops and also the working timings.

The statement said that Jammu has a unique identity as “City of Temples”. Surya Putri “Tawi” is life line of Jammu. More than one million pilgrims visit Jammu every year on way to Shri Mata Vaishno Deviji, Shri Shiv Khori ji, Shri Baba Budha Amarnathji, Shri Baba Amarnathji, Shri Sudh Mahadevji, Utterbehni and Purmandal Devsthans, and so many revered Hindu Shrines across the State. Pilgrims view City of Temples as a place where they come to seek blessings of Bawe wali Mata at Bahu Temple, Bhagwan Shri Raghunathji at Shri Raghunath Temple, Lord Shiva at Ranbireshwar Temple and so on.

But to the utter dismay of these God loving people, Jammu has been converted into city of meat shops. Tawi River is being used as dumping channel of animal wastes and blood by abattoirs and administration as well as Department Of Labour is silent party to this exercise of turning the City of Temples into city of meat shops, satatment said.
Even the Holy City of Katra is not spared. Non vegetarian and wine shops are banned in Katra. Despite the ban, these items are being sold in town by unscrupulous elements, so many times there are recoveries, but till date no criminal has been prosecuted.

Bajrang Dal also warns the abattoirs to restrain themselves from throughing animal wastes, body parts and blood in river Tawi. Administration’s failure to check these above referred concerns will force Bajrang Dal activists to take agitation path.


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