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Ms. Piya Saha (17) Abducted for Forceful Conversion

Ms. Piya Saha (17) Abducted for Forceful Conversion

Ms. Piya Saha (17) Hindu adolescent College girl abducted on 13.07.2015 by two perpetrators for forceful conversion to Islam at Dumuria Upazila of Khulna District: No Trace till writing of this report.

Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) received a written appeal from the father and mother of the victim that their college going daughter Ms. Piya Saha (17) was kidnapped and he also requested BDMW to take legal steps for rescue of girl:-

Country: Bangladesh

Type of violation:  Right to integrity:

Name of the victim:  Ms. Piya Saha

Age of the victim   : 17 years.

Father’s Name       : Probir Saha (Male)

Mother’s Name     : Ms. Jhumki Saha (Female)

Religion of the victim: Hindu (Sanatan)

Date of occurrence: 13th July, 2015 at about 9.30 a.m.

Place of occurrence: Near Football field of Andulia village in an open place, 18 kilometers away from Dumuria Police station.

Permanent Address of victim: P.O.  & Vill : Beruly, P.S. Dumuria, District- Khulna.

Name of the perpetrators:  Md. Ariful Islam Jewel ( 27) son of Abdul Aziz Biswas 2) Shohel Biswas son of Abdul Aziz Biswas.

Case Number: Dumuria P.S. Case No.21 dated 15.07.2015

Facts of the Case in Brief: –

Piya SahaWhile the victim girl was going towards her home Beruly from her Shahapur Madhugram Degree College on 13.07.2015 at about 9.30 a.m. the perpetrators with ill motive chased the victim and forced her to board in a motor- vehicle and decamped.  During this incident 1) Aminul Islam (25) and 2)Shipul Saha (35) were present and they tried to catch the victim but failed.

It is also alleged that those perpetrators used to disturb this Hindu victim on way to her classes in the road and father and mother of victim made complain several times to father and mother of perpetrators but they failed to receive any tangible result. The father of victim also came to know from a reliable source that the perpetrators took illegal initiative to convert her children from Hinduism to Islam.

Legal Action: –

Mr. Prabir Saha – father of the victim approached Bangladesh Minority Watch in writing before lodging First information report (F.I.R.)  that his college going daughter should be rescued and the perpetrators should be brought to book as per law. I, on behalf of BDMW communicated with Officer in charge of local police station over phone and requested him to take cognizance of such kidnapping. As per our advice Mr. Prabir Saha lodged F.I.R. before Officer in Charge of Dumuria Police station on 15.07.2015 against two perpetrators. (  Dumuria P.S. Case No.21 dated 15.07.2015 under section 7/30 of Women and Children Repression Act,2003)


I, on behalf of BDMW, on the basis of appeal of the father and mother of victim immediately contacted with Officer in Charge of Dumuria police station over phone and requested him to take cognizance of offence and I sent father of the victim at the police station for lodging F.I.R. and accordingly the case has been registered as per provision of law. I also talked with Superintendent of Police, Khulna who was also kind to assure BDMW to rescue the girl.

Ariful Islam JewelI also advised police officers responsible for investigation of the case for arrest of perpetrators wherever they are hiding. Mobile number of victim 01792437144 as well as perpetrators 01923337575 had been provided to police for checking those for their whereabouts.

We also communicated with legal guardian of the perpetrators who gave us to understand that the victim, at her own choice, absconding with their son with love and affinity, and they are remaining as husband and wife after conversion.

Recommendations: –

Bangladesh Minority Watch is very much concerned about kidnapping and abduction of minority college girl. BDMW demand:

1)   Immediate rescue of the victim from the hands of perpetrators,

2)   Those perpetrators should be brought to book as per law of the land.

3)   Forceful conversion in any manner should be restricted and the safety of the victim should be ensured.

4)   Right to enjoy one’s religion should not be interfered.

5)   Police should be alerted to trace out the victim and perpetrators.

6)   The convention of Elimination of all forms of discrimination on women and children should be guaranteed.

Documents : Photo of victim, photo of perpetrator, copy of FIR, appeal,


Adv. Rabindra Ghosh

President-Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW)

12, K.M. Das Lane, Tikatully, Wari PS, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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