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Narendra Modi & Shinzo Abe: What explains the Western loathing?

Narendra Modi & Shinzo Abe: What explains the Western loathing?

“A stunted, lymphatic, yellow-faced heathen, with a mouthful of teeth three sizes too big for him, bulging slits where his eyes ought to be, blacking-brush hair, a foolish giggle, a cruel heart, and the conceit of the devil. . . . It is a grave question whether Japan. . . . is in the least likely to become “a world power” of the kind that Europe is likely to find useful or satisfactory. Indeed the only restraints that could be put upon her are the restraints of the Christian religion. Can she be brought to submit to them? Does she desire in her heart to submit to them? Will she ever be other than pagan and heathen and unconscionable under the surface? the answer is: No…”

– British author T. W. H. Crosland a century ago in reaction to Japanese victories against Russia during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05

“I hate Indians [Hindus]. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion.”

– Winston Churchill


The above quotes encapsulate the modal attitudes of the West towards those considered heathens. Much the same attitude prevails today in sections of the Western elite whether in the frank Christian form or its various secular manifestations.

With that in mind, it is not surprising to discerning Hindus to see a slew of articles in the Western media bashing both Shinzo Abe & Narendra Modi. The Anglosphere would have us believe that they are concerned about “human rights” even as they support various Sunni ghazis to overthrow secular Arab regimes. We on the other hand hold that it is merely a cover for the fear & loathing they have for any openly “pagan” civilization.

Shinzo Abe

Abe with his wife paying their respect to Yoshida Shoin, a nationalist thinker who contributed greatly to the Meiji restoration

Abe is a man with a mission & that mission is nothing less than the decolonization of Japan. This includes a revision of the American imposed constitution including its secularism to bring it in line with the values of Japanese civilization (

He is the chairman of Japan’s Rebirth (Sosei Nippon) an organization that seeks to reawaken Japanese pride in their history and culture with an emphasis on the Imperial Family and Shinto. He is also the chairman of the Shinto Political Alliance Diet Member’s Roundtable (Shinto seiji renmei kokkai giin kondankai), the Diet arm of the Shinto Political Alliance (Shinto seiji renmei, or Shinseiren). Thus in the eyes of the West he is already a “bad” man because they cannot ever tolerate an openly heathen leader.

Standing up to Chinese imperialism is bad enough but it gets “dangerous” when Abe starts talking about restoring Japanese values. In the past decade, under previous LDP administrations some of the most egregious American impositions have already been overturned such as the ban on shrine visits for school children. Now with Abe in charge things might go further in this direction and we might see the reemergence of Shinto taking its natural place in Japanese politics.

The West likes its leaders compliant and working within the boundaries predetermined by them & Abe does not fit the mold. Hence the recent slew of anti-Abe propaganda pieces in the Western media which can be seen here:

Narendra Modi

Modi paying his respect to Chhatrapati Shivaji

The rise of Modi seems to have taken the West by surprise as they never expected him to get so far after demonizing him for years in their media as some sort of Hitler and a Hindu nationalist (as if that is somehow bad). They have tried all their usual tricks such as unleashing their Christian attack dogs (note the recent letter of the Xavier’s College Principal Father Mascarenhas to the students criticizing Modi or John Dayal’s trip to the US to testify against India) and even propping up the fellowship of the broom (hat tip for the expression: led by Kejriwal . In their own land we have seen their efforts to deny entry to Modi through lobbying by evangelicals and Muslims (once again showing the fundamental alignment of Muslims & Christians when it comes to heathens).

But in spite of all this Modi has defied their expectations and seems to have captured the pulse of the nation cutting across regional and caste lines. He has also shown himself to be an able administrator who can bring development to his people. We have good data showing that Christian proselytizers thrive in the absence of governance, so what can be worse for them than a PM who will actually do his job. A strengthening of the economy will also go along with a strengthening of the Indian military with a man perceived as a Hindu nationalist at the helm.

Having one openly heathen leader in Abe is bad enough but to have Modi in addition to him is a bad dream for the usual suspects. Thus the West has real reasons to be worried and they have indeed responded with a slew of negative media articles about Modi which can be viewed here:


In 2007 after the conclusion of Vibrant Gujarat summit, Modi personally went to Japan to woo investors. He was the first Chief Minister to do so and while there he met and spent time with Abe. Later that year Abe himself visited India but could not visit Gujarat due to protocol, so Modi personally went all the way to Delhi and spent time with Abe.

In 2007 after the conclusion of Vibrant Gujarat summit, Modi personally went to Japan to woo investors. He was the first Chief Minister to do so and while there he met and spent time with Abe. Later that year Abe himself visited India but could not visit Gujarat due to protocol, so Modi personally went all the way to Delhi and spent time with Abe.

It was during the same visit that Abe personally met and talked with the son of Radhabinod Pal, the Indian judge who stood up for the truth at the Tokyo show trials. He is widely admired even today by Japanese nationalists and has a monument dedicated to him at the Yasukuni shrine. He cast the only dissenting vote against punishing Japanese officials for war crimes, which included Abe’s grandfather Kishi. Perhaps this was one more reason for Abe’s pro-Indian stance because as early as 2007 he declared that “a strong India is in the best interest of Japan and a strong Japan is in the best interest of India.” In his 2007 book Towards a Beautiful Country: My Vision For Japan, Abe had also written that it would “not be a surprise if in another decade, Japan-India relations overtake Japan-U.S. and Japan-China ties.”

More recently when Abe won the elections in Japan, Modi sent him a congratulatory message even though he was still just a Chief Minister at that time. So considering their past history, we can expect the relations between India and Japan to become even stronger. This combined with what is seen as their “heathen” credentials truly fills the usual suspects with dread. To quote one of their Japanologist (quiet like the Indologist subversionists) attack dogs:

Mullins says this magnetic tug of the past is not unique to Japan. “I see Shinto fundamentalists as very similar to U.S. Christian fundamentalists and Hindu neo-nationalists,”

If you set aside the obfuscation about Christian fundamentalists, it becomes obvious that the real target is the heathens and their leaders.


Just as in the past, the Abrahamics cannot stand to see rival pagan powers left standing and it is all the more dreadful to them if these powers start collaborating with each other. So we can expect them to do all they can to thwart the India-Japan relationship, and any nationalist policies that can challenge the Christian Anglo-Saxon (note that David Cameron has recently reiterated that the UK is a Christian country) hegemony. May the Gods foil their designs and grant success to both Modi & Abe in their endeavors.

By Vajrin

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