Barry Gardiner, Labour MP for Brent North and founder of the Labour Friends of India, has defended the invitation to the politician to address MPs on “the future of modern India”. But why would he have to ‘defend’ a respected politician and someone who one day may lead the world’s largest democracy? Adam Pasternicki of the BBC Asian Network has made this obvious.

In an utterly prejudiced article which is in keeping with the anti-Hindu prejudice and hatred which the BBC constantly stokes up, Mr. Pasternicki speaks of Modi’s ‘controversial’ background. This of course relates to  the communal disturbances in Godhra in Gujarat in 2002:

   “At least a thousand people, mainly Muslims, were killed in the state, in three days of violence that followed an attack on a train, which was initially believed to have been carried out by people from the Islamic community.”

Now anyone reading this would think that Hindus had not even been affected. In this sick nightmare dystopia of the BBC as penned by Pasternicki, he has coneveniently forgotten that the whole episode began when the Sabarmati Express was torched by Islamic extremists because it was carrying Hindu pilgrims. That is fact.

Yet instead of having the journalistic decency to actually mention this, the BBC anti-Hindu propagandist then goes further and quotes from Kalpana Wilson from the rather pompously named South Asia Solidarity Group:

“[They] have invited somebody to address the House of Commons who has been responsible for what can only be called genocidal attacks in which more than two thousand members of the Muslim minority community in Gujarat were targeted for the most horrendous forms of violence and were murdered…

Women and children were particularly targeted, and this is something which South Asian communities in Britain simply are not able to forget. We’re not prepared to see Modi being rehabilitated as a respectable leading politician, which is what this invitation seems to suggest.”

Who is this Wilson character? Dr Kalpana Wilson is LSE Fellow in Gender Theory, Globalisation and Development, specialising in areas of ‘neoliberalism’ as is the obsession with Indian Marxists who have like unreformed alcoholics have yet to recognise that the Berlin Wall did actually collapse a generation ago. If Dr Wilson is so concerned about “women and children” then why no mention of the Hindu women and children who were killed in the Godhra riots and on the Sabarmati Express? Do they not count? Unfortunately in the world of Wilson and her Stalinist gestapo, apparently not. Let us look at the website for this ‘Solidarity’ group which mirrors Pravda in its complete lack of truth:

 Here no mention of the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Kashmir’s indigenous community of Hindus at gunpoint in 1989. Instead there are pleas for clemency for that murdering terrorist Afzal Guru. What about the women and children victims of terrorism in Kashmir? Are they subhuman because they are Hindus? Let the silence of Wilson and her ‘tribe’ be your answer.

In fact Hindus join the usual litany of enemies in this outdated ideological struggle. A whole section of South Asia Solidarity is dedicated to the threat of ‘neoliberalism’. Under the guise of defending human rights and especially the rights of ‘indigenous’ tribals, India’s Maoists terrorists are by contrast treated like some justifiable form of democratic protest. Also notice why the Wilson Klan seem so keen to defend the rights of ‘indigenous’ people here but not in Kashmir. Then again what can one expect from followers of a bankrupt ideology which killed 100 million worldwide and has not exactly created much of a success story in North Korea. Yet this is the sort of person that the BBC is keen to allow the final word on the subject of Modi’s visit. It not only ignores the fact that Hindus were killed en masse by rampaging mobs in Godhra but that they were in fact the very first victims of the violence.

It ignores the fact that Modi has in fact been cleared of the allegations laid against him that he instigated the violence or refused to quell it. Despite all this, and this is what irks the likes of the BBC and Dr Wilson, is that Modi has made Gujarat into a successful, forward-looking, model state. It is in fact a state where Muslims and others have flocked to avail themselves of the opportunities before them.

This is the best means of overcoming communal hatred, religious extremism, and narrow-minded bigotry. Not by using bankrupt Marxist swearology. But instead by creating an environment where the dormant talents of people are unleashed. Such an environment benefits everyone from all backgrounds and leads to success. It is on that which Modi should be measured and his record as chief minister judged because this is the ‘Hindu rate of growth’.