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Nehruvian Indianess Vs Hinduness

Nehruvian Indianess Vs Hinduness

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After independence India was trifurcated. Two of these sections were devoured by the Islamists who murdered and ethnically cleansed millions of Hindus. In the remaining moth-eaten piece, known as India, an effective apartheid regime was set up against the majority Hindu population. And this modern day Nehruvian India that continues its war against the ancient Hindu civilisation to eventually put it in a museum where it will become just another extinct relic.

So If you have escaped the dire misfortune of being tagged into a cringe worthy video calledI AM INDIAN by comedian Rajiv Satyal then count yourself lucky for having good karma. Unfortunately in his attempts to break out of the South Asian identity he ends up promoting the very idea of an India which is Nehruivian in character and anti Hindu in expression.

This is the same ‘Nehruvian’ India where Indian soldiers die daily protecting its borders while simultaneously having to watch their own backs from being stabbed by the very same ‘Hinduphobic’ Indians who they protect. This the same India where the cow is held sacred but is also number one beef exporter in the world.

Related imageThe overall message of the video is a desperate on the knee begging demand to the whole wide world RESPECT US ! because I AM INDIAN !

And for ignoring this ultimatum you are then tortured with a monologue on how India has ( without mentioning Hinduism )  given numbers , Kamasutra , Indian food , yoga, colonial cricket and ‘Bollywood’ ect to the wider world.

Yes the same un-creative and unoriginal Bollywood (copied from Hollywood ) which spews anti Hindu propaganda has turned its addicts into a whiny bunch of cry babies watching talent-less actors dancing and running around trees damaging the environment to cheesy songs which is now promoting out of date pornography participants into role models.

The same tacky western wannabe Bollywood actors then try to impress ‘Indians’ back in India by turning up every year at the Cannes film festival or the Oscars to win nothing apart from washing up the dishes and vacuum cleaning the red carpet after the real talent goes home. And this is the India this video wants the world to respect because you know why ? ‘I AM INDIAN’

This has less in common with India’s ancient Hindus civilisational ethos, and rather more disturbing affinity to the crass materialism and perversion which brought down the Roman Empire. This is also why Hinduism’s greatest contributions to humankind from scientific and spiritual advances get less respect than the invention of the plastic bag.

Image result for Salman Rushdie with wifeFew minutes and a gut wrenching moments further into the video we hear about how Indian women are ‘hot’ while Indian men just lucky ( at this precise moment we see a picture of  Salman Rushdie out of hiding appearing arm in arm with a tall Indian woman)  adding more fuel into the current negative stereotyping of Indian men as pervs and rapists while the women are just brought down to their physical attributes.

When one thinks of the millions of African females raped by slave masters on the plantation or the Koreans and Chinese forced into the Japanese imperial vice trade as COMFORT WOMEN it does make you wonder at this effective prostitution of an entire culture.

Image result for women indian scientists marsThere’s no mention at all of warrior women like Rani of Jhansi or  Durgavati or those Indian female scientists like Anuradha Prakasham, T. K. Anuradha, or Pramodha Hegde who helped India’s space mission to Mars.

Image result for Sakshi MalikNo mention of female wrestlers like Sakshi Malik or Geeta Phogat and the many indian woman and their achievements. These are universal symbols of women empowerment and Shakti that automatically without begging invites respect…

While we are being suffocated with demands for respect with bible thumping sermons laced with ‘pseudo secular’ propaganda dictated by the Nehruvian Indian state we also suffer the nightmare of Nehrus pics subliminally being injected into our brains ..because you know why ‘I AM INDIAN ‘ so you owe me respect !

Why should the world along with countries like the two superpowers the US or Russia which have their armies around the world or even closer hostile neighbours like China, Pakistan which sends terrorists to India daily or even a small country like Bangladesh which Related image back in 2001 sent 16 dead Indian soldiers with some on carrying poles liked hunted animals to India after a border clash.This from the country which India sacrificed many Indian soldiers to liberate and be saved from genocide, oppression, rape and obliteration. 

Do other countries keep begging to be respected or recognized ? never !

And this weak grovelling image that’s often pushed on Hindus as a standard to be a ‘good Hindu’ or Indian because otherwise you are showing disrespect to Pandit Nehru and Gandhiji so accept your Apu status as a proud Indian.

The overall demand of the I AM Indian video is based around a Western standard of acceptance and stereotypes especially when Satyal mentions the  ‘we gave the world the Kama Sutra ‘ and we see a pic of overpopulation come up behind which fits into the usual generalisation that the Kama Sutra is only about sex even though it is actually just a small part of that ancient text.So its  all about fitting into a western narrative which this video is demanding respect..

Related imageThis I AM INDIAN identity in its present form is built up from the residues from Nehru’s inferiority complex which has then given most Hindus an identity crises where they cant be proud to be Hindu because it invites accusations of being called Nazis and extremists while the Indian identity means you sacrifice your Hinduness and turn into a colonised native playing cricket even though the British left India nearly 70 years ago.

While it invites more attacks on India or Hinduism itself. Why not mention that Hindus in India fought the longest war in history to preserve India’s ancient Hindu culture while most of the others ended up in the museum.

Why because it does not fit into this colonial cricket loving image of present day India where after facing terrorists attacks from Pakistan then has to run to the US begging it to declare Pakistan a terrorist state but cant do itself as it might mess up any future cricket games with the same country.

Image result for great khali wrestler praying at templeBut on the other hand when we have devout practising Hindus like the world wrestling champion the Great Khali or Sushil Kumar who destroy the under the thumb image hardly get a mention because they don’t fit into the spelling bee champion highly educated  and working for Bill Gates or being part of the subservient western wannabe indian elite .

Why not mention the defying spirit of the ordinary Indian who struggles against all the odds to make it through the day to provide for his family? Of course because the ordinary Indian is rooted in his cultural ethos which is Hindu which modern India which this video does not want to be associated with.

Don’t get me wrong. There is intrinsically nothing wrong with being a nerd but least be a cool one like Tony Stark AKA Iron man or a scientific genius like Ramunjan.

But instead for most modern day Indians, mainly Hindus, end up on a conveyor belt totally brainwashed via the enduring outdated colonial education system, engaging in puja to that racist  Karl Marx or any other brazen colonised Hinduphobe.

Rajiv Satyal is not alone convicted of this criminal offense. He is merely one of many also suffering from the same Nehruvian inferiority complex where things spiraled so out of control. It is as if they were being served as dessert along with custard at a Texas chainsaw massacre family get together feast. In this pathetic instance they would delude themselves that they have finally been respected and recognised because ‘I AM INDIAN’.

Satyal’s video has been shared by hundreds of thousands of Indians, again mainly Hindus, who suffer from a low self-esteem thanks to a Nehruvian India divorced from its Hindu civilization which then brings everything down to Satyal’s video telling the world look our women our hot and also our food is hot so respect us because ‘I AM Indian’.

This very idea of this modern day India minus its Hindu civilization allows its replacement by some fake identity of South Asian because that is exactly what India is without its Hindu ethos just a geographical land mass part of South Asia.

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