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The Aryan Race War : Hitler Fantasy or Fact ?

The Aryan Race War :  Hitler Fantasy or Fact ?

The Vedas do not show evidence of a race war or of an Aryan invasion or even a migration of Aryans into India. Indeed Arya is a cultural and spiritual term of respect which does not apply to racial, ethnic or even language categories.

Romanticist and racist German nationalism was popularised by scholars and writers and dominated intellectual and public life. Wagner’s idealisation of a German pagan past showed Siegfried as messianic and Christ-like with little resemblance to actual German mythology.

Anti-caste groups spread #Hinduphobia with the use of Nazi imagery drawn from classical #Antisemitism . Witness this book cover from rabid racist Aryan race-believing Hindu-hater Kancha Ilaiah

Notice how the book by Kancha the Hindu-hating racist resembles the vile antisemitism and racism such as by Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher who wrote Der Sturmer for the Third Reich

And we all know what that led to. Ghettos, gas chambers, genocide, millions of people killed just because they were ‘different’. The world said ‘Never Again’. But when it comes to Hindus, that is forgotten!

In his research into the 1994 Rwanda genocide, Fergal Keane: It suited the early colonists to believe in and foster the myth of the Tutsis as black Aryans, men not too dissimilar to Europeans, more noble than savage, who could be trusted to carry out the orders of the white men.

Keane in Rwanda: I never saw any evidence in Rwanda or Burundi to support the proposition that Tutsis were lighter skinned than Hutus. Like much else that has been written about the two groups, it appears to be fanciful nonsense, a carry-over from the colonial era.

The Hamitic invasion of Africa, a myth which led to Rwanda genocide is now dismissed as racism from the colonial past. yet the same academia insists on the Aryan invasion myth of India, which never happened. All to foster a civil war that will dwarf the Rwanda genocide of 1994

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