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Video : As Modi Mania Hits The US , Hinduphobes Suffer Deep Depression

Even though the Hinduphobes tried to get a mass boycott but failed miserably against PM Modi’s visit to the US which turned out more successful than most world leaders could even dream of doesn’t mean Hindus should sit back with chai and pakora celebrating teary-eyed turning complacent. Because the Hinduphobes are now going to try to spread even more hate against Hindus. This is the time for US Hindus to go on a full offensive by exposing these Hinduphobic religious fascists, racists, and their networks.

They need to set up professional think tanks and academia with all Hindu temples raising Hinduphobia among the Hindu masses and general public followed by mass street protests. Imagine if thousands of Hindus turned outside the New York Times HQ which recently claimed in an article ‘Hinduphobia’didnt exist seeing thousands of Hindus with banners calling them white supremacists hiding behind brown-faced coolies for hire.It would be world news.

They are filthy racists who have it in their ancestral DNA to hate brown-faced ‘pagans’ regardless of the ‘left, progressive, liberal, right’ labels they hide behind.  Dharam Yudh now starts.

What Did PM Modi Gift the Bidens? | Vantage with Palki Sharma During an intimate dinner with U.S. President Joe Biden, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented gifts to the Bidens. What were they? And what do they signify? Diplomatic gifting a crucial art. It is not just about pretty looking objects. But signifies so much more. Palki Sharma tells you more about diplomatic gifting.

15 moments when PM Modi got a standing ovation during his address to the joint session of US Congress

The First Lady Jill Biden personally looked after the menu with guest chef Nina Curtis to curate a one-of-a-kind plant-based menu. What was on the menu? How was the State Dinner one-of-a-kind? Molly Gambhir reports. #gravitas #pmmodiusvisit #whitehouse

From the Ambanis to the CEOs of Google and Microsoft, among others, the state dinner hosted by US President Biden for PM Narendra Modi was a star-studded night

This is 2023, and this is the new India that the world is witnessing. Many are even wondering if this is the most confident India and the most confident Indian prime minister that the world has ever seen. Yes, the ongoing visit of the Indian prime minister has created a lot of buzz and as expected, several prominent personalities are being quite vocal about this.

US Vice President Kamala Harris, got emotional in PM Modi’s presence, remembering her Indian roots and her childhood days. Harris narrated how her Indian mother took her to India for trips. Watch what she said


After intense talks and several major agreements with the U.S. administration, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Indian community at the Ronald Reagan Centre in Washington, DC. While the Prime Minister made several big announcements during his speech, PM Modi also ensured that he wowed the Indian diaspora present at the event with his humour. Watch this video for the details.

Award-Winning Singer Mary Millben performs the National Anthem of India at Ronald Reagan Building

Former CEO of CISCO and current Chief Executive Officer of JC2 Ventures John T Chambers on June 23 made a big prediction citing that India will become number 1 economy in the world.

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